Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back in the Saddle

*please excuse the varying font sizes and paragraph spacing, Blogger apparently is out to drive me to the looney bin - I am ready to rip my hair out after an hour of fighting with it to no avail*

I have a friend, one that also is home almost full time. Her son, Logan, is Kamden's best friend.

(excuse the extreme brightness! Camera and I aren't speaking and my editing skills ar e lackluster)

Her and I are alike in that we need play dates. We need to get out of the house and visit with an adult. We have been doing it for almost 4 years now, ever since the boys were babies. She also has a daughter, Hannah, who is Jack's age.

It was the perfect situation. The kids were occupied and we could talk about anything and everything. And I mean everything. She is an exhibitionist after all and while I might not be that liberal, I am pretty open. We have a lot in common. And I always had diapers when Logan needed one and she had forgotten her bag, yet again.

The last few months though, she's been busy. Very busy. She used to blog. The last post she did was about how she just found out she was having twins. But at 30 weeks she was hospitalized for early labour. Then she was on bedrest.

I've been missing my friend. We have kept up. We've talked. We've visited in the hospital. But there were no picnics in the park, sitting the shade and gabbing, no girl's nights out. The last few summers have been filled with afternoons at the park with her and her kids. I have been missing that. My boys have been missing that.

Seven weeks later and the twins are two weeks old. Healthy, beautiful and perfect.

Meet Rachel Anne and Alexander Douglas (left to right). They are the sweetest and I can't get enough of them.
They are loved by so many. Kamden told me this afternoon right after he kissed Rachel, "I kissed her because I love her so much". I think maybe, just maybe, Kamden has met his betrothed. Who can blame him, she is beautiful.

Here he is giving Alex a manly pat on the forehead. I think Kamden is still small, still my baby, but this? It really puts it in perspective. He's growing up.

There are ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes to cherish. Each and every baby is a beautiful miracle, these even more precious because they shared the womb. The bond they have is unique and truly a gift.

And the best part is that Candace is back in the saddle as she put it. Back at the park, sitting in the shade visiting. And I get my play date partner back, with the added bonus that there are now two sweet bundles to hold.

Congratulations Candace and Devin!

I look forward to many more afternoons in the park, this summer and in summers to come. But sorry, I won't have diapers anymore!



Hannah said...

Awww, beautiful babies!!
I love what Kamden said - soooo sweet!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Man, I was just about to say what a nice post for your friend (who has adorable little babies, by the way) and then you hit her with the sans diaper comment. That's harsh.

Funny, but harsh.

R Family of 4 said...

Awww Kami, what a beautiful post. Thank you so much. Rachel and Alex are very lucky to have a special auntie like you even if you don't have diapers for them ;-) I must go now and dry my tears.

It was great to see you today. I am beyond happy to be back in the saddle.

By the way thanks for the exhibitionist comment. You ain't seen nothing yet hunny wait until I feed them both ;-) Just kidding.

LVGurl said...

OH! I love pictures of newborn twins together. There is something about it... like how they need each other, and they sense that the other one is there.

Kellan said...

I'm glad you have your friend back and so glad you shared her beautiful babies with us - you know I have a soft spot for twins! I too believe they are so special because they shared the womb! Have fun with your friend and with those precious children - all of them! Kellan

teeni said...

Now THAT's a good reason to be away from blogging and play dates. Or should I say THOSE are good reasonS? Thanks for sharing the pics with us! I'm so glad your friend is okay and had such healthy and beautiful babies! Congrats to all! :)

Angella said...

Those two are absolutely PRECIOUS!!


Alex Elliot said...

Congratulations to your friend! Having a friend like that is just so wonderful.

Stacie said...

awe, congrats to your friend!

KATE said...

Oh you made me tear up! I love those sweet pictures! Thanks so much for putting them on here! I'm SO glad she's doing so well and the babies are too!
Soon enough you'll be back to your picnics in the park and just imagine how CRAZY those picnics are going to be chasing those sweet babies around!
I can't get enough of those pictures!

Elaine A. said...

What a couple of sweeties! Now you can get your baby fix times 2! (if you are anything like me you need a "baby fix" every know and then...)

So glad you got some girl time with your friend again! I am sure she needed it too! ; )

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Awww, I am weepy! So sweet and so tiny and such a beautiful post!
I am totally bugging you to get us all together, I need me some tiny baby time.....and of course I want to see you ;)

Misty said...

The waterslide. THAT looks so fun.

And these 2 black and whites of the twins. STUNNING.