Saturday, July 07, 2007

A day at camp

A race, spilled ice cream.... a day at camp is not all it's cracked up to be.

Today we headed out with Candace and Devin and all the kids for a camper in training day. The camp is an overnighter deal and given that our oldest kids are only 6, we are not up for that just yet... or ever but that's another post altogether.

It was HOT. 29 degrees hot. There was much sweating. Okay, maybe that was just me but since I am writing this....

We started with a hike:

Found a treehouse:

Took in the amazing scenery:

Ate roasted hot dogs for lunch:

Sang some songs around the camp fire:

By this point, we were HOT. Okay maybe I was the one complaining the loudest... after all I am the biggest kid around. So we hit the pool to cool off.
That's when the family show crossed a line.

I asked Jack if he wanted to race to the far end. No, but Candace was up for it.

Off we took in our best imitation of the front crawl. I beat her to the deep end edge . Of course, Mrs. Competitive had to have a rematch so we took off back from whence we came. Same crawl. All of a sudden she stops and uses the ol' lost her sunglasses trick. Okay, the ol' trick is the lost the bathing suit but that came a few moments later when she stood up in the shallow end after having retrieved her sunglasses.

Apparently the rush of water from her spectacular racing speed, er, ahem, shifted the ol' bathing suit covering the ladies.

Devin politely pointed it out and back she plunged into the deliciously icy waters accompanied by hysterical laughter from me. I am a great friend, one who goes to bat for you time and time again.

And laughs without restraint at your follies.

Now we know what Candace's most embarrassing moment is. The fortunate thing is that no one but Devin noticed. I guess we know where he focuses his attention. In his defence, they do belong to his wife.....

And I am postive that Candace is forever grateful that there are no pictures of that. I also ensured that my ladies (okay they only qualify as girls....whatever) were secured appropriately before standing up. After all we were at a bible camp. Someone had to keep the show G rated.

After the peep show there was a canoe ride, in the pool, because the lovely wind was creating whitecaps on the lake:

This is where the crack appears in the story:

Since this is a family blog, I hid the evidence but I think it's pretty clear where the crack appeared. Evidently the competitive streak in this couple does not end with the wife. Devin just HAD to one up Candace.

This is what Hannah and Jack think of the whole situation.

Course they weren't as relaxed about this:

I agree Hannah, it wasn't on tight enough. Some people just don't know how to scoop a decent ice cream cone.

It was a day we will remember for a long time and more importantly will provide many, many laughs in the years to come.


candace said...

It was a day to remember that is for sure. Devin says I need to be grateful to him for remembering my ladies when it came time for bug spray he said next time we better be sure to put sun screen on them ;-)

I may have lost my competitive streak, after all if I wasn't so darn competitive my ladies would have stayed put and the family camp would not have turned x rated ;-)

Thanks for a great day!

Anonymous said...
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Angella said...

Sounds like a great day with great friends. Ain't nothin' better :)

Kami said...

Devin, when you are our age, you just don't have the energy to "let it all hang out" like you Curle's do.