Thursday, July 12, 2007

Caffeine and Me

Things I pondered last night while laying in bed in a diet coke induced caffeine haze:

1) I love being a SAHM. Period. I get to go to the park all day on hot summer WEEKDAYS. I am sure working full time brings people great joy and satisfaction. Whatever. For me it’s all about the park and the sun and the picnic and the water park and good friends. Oh right, and my two fantastic little boys. That’s a given.

2) My husband wakes up immediately at the sound of one of his children squawking in the night. IMMEDIATELY. As in, the child hasn’t even finished squawking and he’s already in their room. I used to feel guilty that he is always the one to deal with them at night. I don’t anymore. I can’t help it that a drop of pin causes him to fly awake like lightning struck him. Nor can I help that large trucks could drive through my room and I would sleep like a log through it all.

Well I CAN’T.

3) I am a shoptomanic. It’s similar to a kleptomaniac only you actually pay for the items. Let me explain. I cannot, I repeat CANNOT, go into a women’s clothing store and not find something to buy. For myself. I love to buy new clothes.

I am rather ashamed. It’s really quite frightening how much damage I can do in a short amount of time. I came to this realization because I went shopping with my good friend Cathy yesterday afternoon, sans kids. It was great and the purpose was that SHE needed clothes. Not me. Cathy.

Yeah. Want to know what I bought? Shoes, two tanks, two pairs of jean shorts ( for $10 – not each - $10 for TWO pairs!), two halter tops, Bermuda shorts and a white blouse and I got a free halter top when Cathy purchased a shirt….

Yeah, I need to find a support group. It’s sad.

4) Oh, right, and that I really, really should not have a cappuccino in the afternoon and then slug down two big glasses of coke at supper. Unless I want to be drafting blog posts in my head until 1am.

BTW, the post was much better in my head. Naturally I lost my mental notes.



candace said...

Jay and I have that in common. In my house I am the flash of lightning in the middle of the night, Devin is the comatose man beside me ;-)

I am with you on the SAHM thing. For me there is now where I would rather be..........well I would be lying if I didn't say some days the thought of being anywhere but here seems really attractive but at the end of the day I am one happy mama.......especially since the kids are asleep...who wouldn;t be? ;-).

It was a great afternoon and there will be plenty more of those this summer.

Angella said...

I thought it was a great post - mostly because I can relate. Matthew is the dead sleeper, BUT he's the one who gets up. Because if I get up? I'm awake for HOURS. And grumpy the next day :)

Being a SAHM is worth any and all grief from the kidlets :)

Anonymous said...

Will wake up to the kids making noise but won't feel a thing when you get in to bed. I would like to say it is the matress but I do not think so.

Crazy I say.