Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mother Earth Crusade Update

Notice that my Mother Earth Crusade side bar disappeared a few days ago?


That’s okay, I am aware that I am not cool, no need to rub it in.

It disappeared because it needed to be updated but I have been far to busy sweating to do that. Do you have any idea what that amount of sweat will do to a laptop? Neither do I but I once spilled an entire cup of tea on a keyboard and it wasn’t pretty so I’m guessing smoke and other stuff might happen.

Today it is 36 degrees. Basically you could fry an egg on my forehead. So my list, you know the one that used to be on the sidebar that you didn’t notice disappeared, it is revised.

I have to admit defeat. I could not make it through the summer with “no air conditioning at all this summer”. We have definitely cut down, WAY down, on its use so some good still came of my crusade. I have come to conclude that air conditioning is required when it heats up to cookie baking temperature outside. I just can’t take that kind of heat. I’m sweaty, I’m red, and I’m GRUMPY. Really, turning on the A/C is necessary for Jay’s sanity. After all he has to put up with me, really the least I can do is make it so that I’m tolerable.

You see, he isn’t bothered by the heat. He was wearing jeans today. Not shorts, JEANS people. AND he had no sweat on him. AT ALL.

Me, I immediately form drops of sweat all over my sorry self in this kind of heat.

Yes, I am jealous of my husband but that's another story entirely.

So, here’s my new list.

Things we do to reduce our impact:

- laundry in cold water only
- recycling
- mulching lawn mower (no bags of grass going into the landfill)
- no chemicals on lawn and garden
- no driving at least 2 days per week (more walking and biking)
- reusable bags for all shopping
- vegetarian suppers 2 or 3 times per week
- keeping the heat lower in the winter
- Method soap products
- minimal air conditioning (only when it’s freaking hot!)

And soon we will sell our souls to the devil for new energy efficient windows. Damn those things are expensive but maybe then house won’t heat up like a hot tamale.


The Foulds said...

Our AC goes when it is hot, for SURE, even if it's not "freakin hot" just hot we still run it, it's one thing if Ian and I are grumpy and uncomfortable, but a grumpy, uncomfy Marin, no way!!

Hannah said...

How can your man wear JEANS in 36 degree heat?!?!! That's nuts!! People here wouldn't wear jeans unless it was under 18 degrees! We don't have AC because the hottest temps we get, even in the height of summer, are mid/high 20's. I've experienced 40 degree heat before during my trips to the US and Canada in the middle of summer, and I have to say, I prefer our climate!! 25+ is hot enough for me - we sweat and spend all day in the sea when it's that hot! We don't get colder than 1-2 degrees in winter, so it's a pretty good range!

Angella said...

I dream of AC...and applaud your Mother Earth efforts :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burstyour bubble Kami, but when it is this hot for this long even the energy efficient windows don't cut it. I've had the A/C on nonstop all day and by morning it is stifling in the house!! Keep up the crusade!!!

candace said...

I still applaud all that you do even if you did jam on the no air conditioning rule. If I know you, and I think I do pretty well I know you will have it turned off in no time ;-)