Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bachin' it

We are kidless for a couple of days and last night we did what all old, married couples do when they have a night to themselves… we did dinner and movie.

First we hit Earl’s patio for some martinis and hot wings. Mmmm, one of my favourite things in the world to eat is Earl’s wings. I go there especially for them in fact. They were divine. However, the Caesar salad, not so much. I used to LOVE their Caesar salad as well but now, well, it tastes like fish. Yuck. I don’t really go for most types of fish especially if it’s fishy tasting so in my salad…. even less desirable.

It must be way too many anchovies in the dressing but I am no expert. I bet Rachael Ray could figure it out but me, not a culinary critic by any means.

The movie we saw…. was fantastic. My run of bad luck, it’s over! Remember this and this. Well they were nothing like Knocked Up.

We laughed out loud. Numerous times! Finally a movie worth the cost of admission.

Tonight we head out to the Jamboree for a little Carrie Underwood. Can't wait.


Angella said...

Your weekend is sounding divine. Except for the fishy salad - ewwwww.

I have given you an award :)

candace said...

How was your first Jam,boree experience? It was great to have you guys out there. You missed an eventful evening when we went to leave we had a falt tire so good ol Vic spent the next half an hour repalcing the tire with what looked to me like a toy tire. We mad it home in once piece. I will give you a shout when we get back! Have a great week

candace said...

I apologize for the type-o's apparently I need to get some sleep it has been a long weekend ;-)

Hannah said...

Had to laugh at the "old married couple" date night ... but it's true, isn't it? That's what we usually do too :-)

Sounds like a nice evening though!

Anonymous said...

Dinner and a movie, Oh yeah baby. Great times.