Sunday, March 18, 2007

After having been practically strip searched at airport security like the common criminal that I am, I made the trek through various airports to Vancouver yesterday. Really, what can you wear through that metal detector that will not set off numerous alarms and warning bells such that you have the entire population of the airport watching as you are humiliated into having some stranger feel you up. Even my shoes and socks appear to have metal like properties, or at least the frisker seemed to think so, it beeped like a crazed lunatic when anywhere near them.

Nothing but good times, let me tell you. Jay and boys watched through the windows and had a good laugh at my expense. If I am nothing more, at least I am good entertainment.

Despite the cloudy gloom that normally surrounds the city, everything is green and it was beautifully warm. Being from where I am, I find any green outside in March really weird. How is it possible to have growing plants in the dead of winter? Well, I guess when you don’t regularly get -800 with the windchill, it is possible.

My cousin Angela, met me at the hotel and we hit Denman for some eats. A yummy Mexican restaurant was our first culinary stop and it was a good one. We both polished off a huge plate of enchiladas, refried beans and rice. It was ALL good! Next stop was a quick walk down to the beach after having stopped off at Cupcakes for some delectable take home goodies. I can see the gong show at airport security over that one.

“You have an unidentified cream that is not in a ziplock bag.”

“It’s icing. As in cake icing. Butter and sugar. There I identified it for you.”

“I am sorry m’am but you cannot take this through.”

Then they will proceed to eat the entire lot. Vanessa, Angela’s sister, requested the cupcakes so we’ll see if she gets them or not

Next stop, the crepe place. Oh. My. Goodness. It was like heaven on a plate. Light fluffy crepes filled with baked apples all topped with maple syrup. Yummy!

Then we topped the night off with a movie in my hotel room. Remember my experience with Taledega Nights? Well, The Good Shephard is a close second. It. Was. So. Long. Two and half hours. We think it’s about the beginnings of the CIA, but we are not sure. The plot is still a secret after having sat through the full painful two and half hours.

Yikes. I am having some serious bad luck with movies lately.


Angella said...

You're making me hungry!!! Wish I could have been in Vancouver too :)

candace said...

I guess you are not as innocent as you look. If only they knew how innocent you really are ;-)

Have a safe trip home

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the trek through security with the cupcakes, I'm not sure it could be any funnier then you have already imagined but I am sure security will try to make it so!! Sounds like good food was on the agenda for the weekend, but too bad about the bad movie. Hope you arrived safely. Grams