Friday, March 23, 2007

Why we need therapy

This morning I woke up to find that Jay had already had a full day while the boys and I were sleeping. Here’s what was awaiting me in my email box:

I was sitting at my desk and flexed my foot, as I some times do to curl my toes up (even your toes need exercise). Well, every time I did this with my right foot it would hurt.

“Don't do that!”, my foot said to me, “It hurts.”

“But it should not hurt when I do that so it is puzzling me why it hurts” I said to my foot.

No, it is not often that my foot and I have a conversation but this was one of those days when it was necessary.

After doing it a few more times I decided to investigate, much to the happiness of my foot. Upon removing my shoe I went to scratch the top of my foot and noticed there was something there. It appeared to metal thus I was assuming I must have dropped a nail in my sock during one of my many manly repair things I do.

I began to remove the object and realized it was a booby pin. (Ooops a Freudian slip I mean bobby pin). After a quick look to make sure there was no one around I quickly removed the object to a secure location so my manhood would not be questioned. No one was around so I was safe and my foot was happy to no longer be poked.

However there is still some discomfort in my foot as it will not stop laughing at me for having the female item in my sock.

It may be a long day.

Then a second email about a Thomas the Tank engine show that was supposed to come but apparently now isn’t:

The Thomas show no longer appears on Ticketmaster's website and does not exist on the ipsco place or brandt centre website either. I am guessing the show is no longer a go here in the queen city.

Makes the decision of whether to go a whole lot easier. I am guessing we could spend the $150 on them another way.

"A foot massage sounds good" says the foot.

"It is for the kids not you now shush."

This day may never end.

WHAT a card this guy is!

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candace said...

That is too bad about the show. I know your boys would have loved it. Jay is right that money will be better spent else where.........foot massage sounds good to me ;-)