Saturday, March 24, 2007


REAL MOMS use bribery, I mean, incentive…

I find it’s particularly effective with chocolate but any sweet treat will do.

REAL MOMS also know about the vodka *. The vodka, it's a good thing. Gee, I wonder if Martha would be upset with that use of her coined phrase? :-)

REAL MOMS supervise hand washing so this doesn’t happen!

To REAL MOMS, this is heaven:

The two kids, playing quietly together. Of course, REAL MOMS know this lasts a total of 5, yes that's right, 5 seconds. But it's 5 beautiful seconds before the screaming, yelling and tug o war over whatever particular toy the fight will be over this time. We only have one toy in our house ya know.

REAL MOMs don’t cook, they coerce their hubby into taking the family out for pizza on a particularly warm spring like March Friday evening.

*vodka is a code word for caffeine in my house. No, really, it is. I NEVER crack open the vodka before noon. That would not be REAL MOM like at all.

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Angella said...

Ha! Hardly a blog celebrity :)

Oh, the 5 seconds...