Monday, August 06, 2007

Those happy golden days...

Today, I rediscovered how much I love new school supplies. Oh the pens! And the crayons! The pencil cases! I was like a kid in a candy store.

First off, it’s what, like August 6th… why have I already done Jack’s back to school shopping you might ask? Um, well, er…. I’m a geek. Plain and simple.

I wanted to make sure we got the good stuff. If you wait until the week before school starts you might be stuck with non-Crayola crayons. I don’t want my son to start off Grade 1 as the geek with cheap crayons. Oh the shame. The inhumanity.

Off we went with our list, which by the way, is VERY specific. No pencils from Czechoslovakia, apparently they make cruddy pencils there or something. And by the way, I was so disappointed that he didn’t need the big red thick pencils. Remember those? To me that IS Grade 1. But no, just not Czechoslovakian pencils.

We had fun picking out all the items but we did have to go to two different stores. I try really hard to avoid Wal-Mart but sometimes, Zellers just doesn’t cut it.

We even found shoes which brings me to a rant that I’ve been meaning to have. The running shoes, with the Velcro (can I just say, thank goodness for Velcro or I would still be putting on Jack’s shoes for him) well it gets me on another of my Mother Earth rants.

Brace yourself.

Last year, before Jack entered Kindergarten, we purchased two pairs of Velcro running shoes, one for indoors and one for out. By June, both pairs were in great condition… EXCEPTING that the Velcro didn’t stick anymore. GRRRRRR. So now, despite the fact that the sole is fine and his toes aren’t coming through the top, we needed new shoes. Plus I can’t hand them down to Kamden.

Disposable shoes. I mean REALLY.

So I stuck it to the man. We bought pull on running shoes.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Corporate America!

Kay, done now.

Back to the new pencil crayons, unbroken crayons and the pungent smell of new easers. Almost makes me want to go back to school.

Well no, but I have about 15 more years of living vicariously through my kids!

Here's the loot:

Notice the Lightening McQueen theme....

and Kamden's toes :-)


Hannah said...

I'm a stationary whore too! LOL! I love the smell of the new books, and all the different pens and pencils ... it's just like a candy store for me! And better for you ;-)

Oh, the shoes. Don't get me started! My boys grow out of their shoes so quickly, it feels like we are buying disposable shoes! And I hear you on the non-sticky velcro! We got trainers with laces, and took the laces out and replaced them with those twisty laces that the kids just have to pull hard, they don't have to tie a bow. They were great, until I put them on the fireplace and they melted!

I love the Cars theme ... Ethan has the same on his books!

Angella said...

I can't WAIT to get G's back to school stuff. I plan on going next week, once my crazy weekend of Module 3 coverage is over.

I heart school supplies :)

The Foulds said...

I used to love getting my school supplies all ready too.

I have a few more years to go before Marin is ready for that... which is good because I am not ready for her to be at that stage yet!

LVGurl said...

I remember LOVING back to school shopping, especially after the first day of school when I had the supply list from my teacher. I would try to imagine what my teacher had in store for us.

Makenna starts preschool this year. I've already had fun with her picking out her little lunch bag.

BeachMama said...

I love anything paper. And I was almost salivating at the store today looking at all the school supplies. Poor J doesn't need any for Junior Kindergarten. Oh how I can't wait for grade one!! I almost bought some stuff just because.

Anonymous said...

Czechoslovakia split up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in '93. Jeez.