Saturday, August 18, 2007


Wow, thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on my last post. It’s good to be validated in my thoughts by all of you! I am not really a worrier by nature but sometimes, despite my best efforts, they still hit me. I am not going anywhere and it’s so wonderful to know that you all are out there to read my lunatic ramblings.

We have just arrived back from a week up at the lake. In summary, the weather was cruddy and we didn’t get to do much “lake” stuff but we still managed to have some fun. I didn’t take very many pictures, which is very unlike me, but I will do a post about how I annihilated my brother at both Taboo and 80’s Trivial Pursuit. Believe me, it’s necessary.

I am to award 5 people this same award for the simple act of being nice. So after my sibling rivalry post, I will do just that :-) Hmmm, I may have to post my brother's smart ass comment about that because, I assure you, he will have one.


Hannah said...

You SOOO deserve the award!!

Sorry the weather wasn't great on your vacation, but glad to hear you still had fun - that's the most important thing!

Can't wait to hear about the games that you kicked butt in!! ;-)

Angella said...

Yes, you deserve the award!! Go you!

Yay for a good time despite the weather, and I'll await the stories :)

candace said...

YAY you are back! I am sorry to hear about the weather but from one competitive game player to another I cant wait to hear how you kicked but ;-)

Anonymous said...

I do not kno wif nice is a strong enough word. We think "You Rock"

All the men in youe life.

Anonymous said...

My last comment does not really make sense does it:? I thought it was a "Nice Mother's Award" . Now I see it is Nice matters.

Maybe you girls should start up a new award so I feel less bad about my goof.


LVGurl said...

Congrats on the award! That's two in two months?