Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lake Trip

Remember my brother? Here he is in all his glory! And yes, on trips such as these, we make the men do the cooking. Oh yeah!

See, I wasn't kidding.... the men really do have to do the cooking. Over open flame no less. No fancy electric appliances for them.

Since the weather was so crummy at the lake we were actually staying at, we packed up and headed to one of the other hundreds of lakes in the area where it was sheltered from the wind. We took the fixin's for bush pies and cooked them over an open fire. And we did some fishing off the dock. Jack caught a fish which was all very exciting for all of us but he didn't think so and wouldn't even pose for a picture with it. I thought I had taken a picture of Nicole (sister in law) and Kamden with it but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared?!

Here's my Dad (aka Pop) with "his boys" as he calls them.

I almost landed the big one but it took my line, hook and all. It was BIG I tell you *

Mmmmm, bush pies. Yummy!

I love this picture. Ain't he the sweetest little fisherman ever?

And here's how we felt at the end of so much fun!

A good trip no thanks to the weather.

* any fisherman worth her salt knows how to tell a good fish "story"


MommyKnows said...

Looks like you had a great trip!

Camp cooking always makes me laugh ... at home it has to be just right and out in the bush, we burn it over an open flame and everybody loves it!


Hannah said...

Great photos - sure looks like a fun vacation!!!

Angella said...

Great pictures! SO GLAD you got to go away - I know how hard you've been working.

And yay for not cooking!

teeni said...

I've never had a "bush pie" and I'm sure that term alone would get a totally unintended reaction in my region of the world. But I'll be brave and ask what exactly is in them? I don't came often but would like to do it more.

teeni said...

that was supposed to say "I don't camp often.."

Kami said...

Ah, yes, bush pie could be interpreted in many ways couldn't it :-)

It's really two peices of bread that you butter on the outside (like a grilled cheese sandwich). You then fill it with pizza sauce, meat and cheese, or just cheese, or any number of combinations thereof. The cooker is two peices of metal that squish the bread together all around the outside creating a "pie". You cook over open flame until golden brown (ideally) or black (not so ideal).

For dessert, any kind of pie filling will do and we include some marshmallow peices that melt and make it ooey gooey good!

teeni said...

Oh, LOL. Then THAT actually sounds really good! Thanks for the explanation, Kami!

The Foulds said...

Looks like a super fun time!

That is a great picture of your little fisher man, so cute!

Anonymous said...

You realize the men only cook over fire so the smoke wil lcause then to drink more beer.