Thursday, August 09, 2007

Passionate Fry

Today, as we had burgers and fries at Dairy Queen I was reminded of one of my first, passionate love affairs with food.

French fries, oh how I used to love you.

My glory days as an A&W hostess were filled with breaks that included the salty artery clogging goodness of some of those old fashioned fries. A&W had the BEST fries back in 1992, according culinary expert moi and I paid homage to this fact by eating my weight in fries that year and the year after too. Even when I left the upstanding position as hostess at A&W for the prestigious beverage artist position at Orange Julius later that year, I still dropped in regularly for some of those cardiac killers.

Then one day, they did the unthinkable.

They changed them.

New and improved they were touted.

New and improved my ass, pardon my French. These newbies were supposed to be crispy goodness. Crispy goodness akin to cardboard maybe. Now that in itself was bad enough but then, like a bunch of mindless sheep, all fast food outlets had to do the same. Except McRaunchies… they kept their original fries, which in my opinion were already only one step up from cardboard.

So today as I drowned the cardboard fries of DQ in ketchup (and by the way, pre-new and cardboarded fries, I had a little salt and vinegar only), I lamented this to Jack. He was less than sympathetic, as you can well imagine.

I am pretty sure his exact thoughts were, well why in the world are you still scarfing them down then Mom?

Good question. Apparently old habits die hard.


Anonymous said...

I just happen to be the fry queen and I have to agree with you about the new and improved fries, yuck! I find that if you go for the poutine the fries taste just fine!!!! As far as the rotten ronnie fries I have to disagree, Katie and I can scarf down those babies like there is no tomorrow! However, the best fries have got to be rink fries when I was a kid. Nothing better after skating practice or during the saturday night hockey game!Yummy!

Hannah said...

Haha!! Too funny!! And he'll never know that fries *used* to taste better than cardboard ;-)

There is just something about fries though ... they put some chemical in so you HAVE to taste them and then HAVE to eat more (even if you don't like them!!) ... darn it!

Angella said...

Matthew worked at the `Dub in high school (but was a rail). I worked at DQ and, um, knew the love of the fries all too well.


Costco fries are not too bad :)

Loralee Choate said...


Seriously, I was just going to pop in here and lurk for a second, but this revelation is right up there with "Who was Jack the Ripper" for me.

I think I ate those fries 4 times a week (Which would explain how I used to weigh 280, huh?. I even had them on my graduation day from high school (Yup. '92) and they were never the same afterwards.

Now I know.

I still mourn the old recipe.


Hey, I'm Loralee from OMSH. I talk a lot. :)

BeachMama said...

We get the onion rings instead. Nobody really eats the fries in our house so we go for the gusto in artery clogging grease and get the rings. Hubby could eat DQ everynight!!!

Elaine A. said...

Oh man, I haven't had French fries in MONTHS. They sound pretty good right now. From anywhere.

Thanks for linking up girl! :)