Friday, September 07, 2007


Updated! See the bed set I already have here: It's the one on the very right. It looks better in the picture. I can't find the one I love in the link below... Sigh. BUT I did get paint! Yay! I nice pale yellow called Melted Butter.

I am having one of those weeks. You know, where you just don’t feel quite right, you have a million things to do and can’t figure out where to get started.

Based on the calendar, I can pinpoint WHY I feel this way but knowing that just isn’t helping.

We need to paint Kamden’s room and the colour choice is the most daunting thing EVER for me this week.

I know. Get a hold of yourself if that’s your biggest concern.

I am trying. Trust me.

There is also the fact that we have to paint the trim around the new windows. It is currently primed white and we think we’ll keep it white.

That should be simple right?

Yeah, no. Have you seen how many shades of white there are? There are yellow toned whites. Blue toned whites. And pukey toned whites (?). Yeah I made that up but you know what I mean.

Could you make it anymore difficult for me and my indecisiveness?

Thought not.

I may have a nice pale yellow narrowed down for Kamden’s room but that’s subject to change almost by the minute today. Good thing we are supposed to be painting it this weekend. That is if I get off the internet and finish my work.

As Kamden asked, “Is Beth waiting for it?” Beth is my “boss”.

EVEN he knows where it’s at. And yes, she is waiting for it.

And to top everything else off I am looking for new bedding for our room. I ordered a set and it is not quite what I wanted and ironically enough almost the exact colours that our current set is. I am gravitating to the brown and pale blue combinations that are popular right now. I also found this one that I adore, however, I can’t find it in king size anywhere on the internet or any store here. I believe it's last year's line and as always I am way behind the times.

That pretty much sums up my week. Make a decision only to have to change it due to unforeseen circumstances.

I’ll leave you with this.


I also just went for my regular cut and colour and it's a good thing I warned her I was in a mood. Today, a big peroxide blonde chunk with a Posh spice cut was looking really GOOD. Don't worry, it's the same boring old Kami style.



Hannah said...

Oh bummer, I was hoping to see a new pic with you looking like Posh!

Seriously though, I am having one of those weeks too!!! Slightly hormonally-induced, but exacerbated by HUGE work loads, too many things on at once, decisions to be made (big for me, perhaps not important to 99.9% of other people) and the busy life of looking after 2 boys and a husband!! I think we might be twins!

I'm hoping that next week is better. And now I will hope that it's better for you as well. ((HUGS))

teeni said...

Sorry you are having an "off" day Kami. I like the bed set you want (I too am usually a last season shopper - who can afford it when it first comes out?) I hope you find it or one you like soon. I think you'd look great in a Posh haircut, but it's not something to decide on a hormonal day because then you'd regret it no matter what. ;)

candace said...

I noticed you were not your self today. I guess that is what hormones do to a gal. I have had my fair share of bad weeks thanks to those blasted hormones.

I am excited to see the new room, new windows and new bed set. Play date at your house next week lol ;-)

Take care my friend and I hope things get better for you this weekend

Angella said...

I HEAR YOU on the hormones :)

I like that set. Maybe you can find something similar (or that one) when we're in Vancouver!