Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall has arrived

This is me actually using the manual settings on my camera! I need to practice and play much more but I love the effect the sunlight has on these photos.

This has been brought to you by Angella’s Foto Friday’s.

And yes, after one frost the night before this was the scene in our front yard yesterday. The tree was literally raining leaves. Time to get ready for Halloween already.

Have a great weekend everyone!


LVGurl said...

I've been playing with my camera right along with Angella's Foto Fridays! :)

Your pictures are great.

I love fall! :)

teeni said...

I'm jealous - you and Calamity have new cameras. Oh well. I'm not that great at taking pics anyway. But I do love seeing yours. Keep posting 'em. Fall is always good for great, colorful pictures!

Angella said...

Sweet shots!!

Only 7 days til Vancouver. Wheeeeee!

candace said...

I love fall pictures especialy when they include cute kids ;-)

Hannah said...

GREAT shots!

BeachMama said...

Oh it does look like Fall already. We had a touch of it this past weekend but summer decided to return for another week, thank goodness because I am not quite ready for Fall yet.

Anonymous said...

Now you are adding photographer to your resume? You are a hard one to keep up to.

Ever hear of taking a break once and awhile?