Monday, September 24, 2007

Big city and home again

I’m back from a whirlwind trip to Vancouver. I left Friday and spent the night hanging out with my cousin, Angela. She took me to a fabulous Indian buffet for supper and then showed off her new condo in West Van. Did you all know how crazy the housing market is there? It’s bad here but really we haven’t seen anything yet.

The real reason for my trip was work related. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday working hard writing and editing multiple choice questions. The fun part was that I got to see all my co-workers (well almost all) in person. I work with a great bunch of people and it was great to see everyone again.

As I mentioned, Angella, not to be confused with my cousin, Angela, was there. We met in March of 2006 and have been blogging buddies since. She is even funnier, sweeter and lovely in person, if that’s at all possible. Using the automatic settings on my camera we had these pictures taken of us.

Clearly I need help with using the manual settings on my camera! Oh well, you get the idea.

But I did get these neat shots from the balcony of my suite (complete with stove, fridge and patio set!).

After picking up some goodies for my boys and supper with one of my favourite co-facilitators, it was back on the plane to good old home.

It was a great weekend full of laughter, hard work and a little bit of wine!


Anonymous said...

Ohh, this is special, I am the first one to comment!! Great to hear you had a wonderful weekend full of fun, laughter and little bit of work!! Oh yes and a little wine too! Great view and great shots of Vancouver, makes me long to take a trip back again! Talk to you soon.

LVGurl said...


I hope to meet more blog friends :)

Angella said...

OK, my turn not to like the photo of myself. I look tired or something. Must have been all of the hard work...and NOT the wine :)

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, and how fun that you got to catch up with Angella!

teeni said...

This is so neat and exciting to see two bloggers get to meet in person! You are both beautiful - online and in person! This whole post just makes me happy! I hope I will get to meet some of my fellow bloggers sometime too. ;)

teeni said...

Welcome home, Kami! ;)

Anonymous said...

These boys weekends are tough. The boys could not keep me supplied with enough drinks and were absolutely exhausted by the end of the day from running back and forth to the fridge.

We all prefer it when you are home. It is easier on all of us.

Welcome back

The boys

candace said...

Sounds like a great trip, especially the part about the wine ;-)