Saturday, September 29, 2007


Both Hannah and Teeni tagged me with a meme that required me to ponder what I am grateful for in my life. THAT, my friends, was relatively easy and I took today to ponder exactly that. Here is my list:

1. My parents. I have to start there because without them, there would be no me. And the wonderful parents they are have shaped who I am and how I parent my own boys. The fact that I am so close to both of them speaks volumes on how great they were and are. They are always available for cooking, home reno and computer advice (Mom’s Food/sewing/parenting/misc Help Line and Dad’s Helpdesk at your service). Not to mention that they are great, not great as in old but fabulous, grandparents to boot. Yay for my mom and dad!

2. Next has to be Jay. My partner in life, parenting and everything in between. Oh and also my best friend along with other things not necessary to mention here ;-) I think these posts tell all . He ROCKS and he’s hot to boot. Yay for Jay!

3. My two favourite little boys, Jack and Kamden. They make all right in the world. The joy that they share with me is priceless. I think they are the single most poignant beacon ensuring I don’t take anything in this wonderful life for granted. Their innocence is palpable and it brings me back to simpler times when the biggest concern was what game to play next. One cannot get overly caught up on the rat race if you listen to your kids. Not just hear them, but listen to them. I try to. I don’t always succeed but thankfully they have good lungs and eventually they get my attention. Thanks dudes, I am forever blessed because I have the privilege of being your Mommy.

4. My extended family. I have the BEST extended family one could ever hope for. You don’t get to pick your in-laws, siblings and siblings in law. Honestly, I couldn’t have picked them better myself. I look FORWARD to family get togethers and for that I am eternally grateful.

5. Friends. Need I say more? Everyone should have several. Period. I am lucky enough to have many great friends. I treasure each and every one of them. Each is uniquely wonderful and brings something unique and wonderful to my life. I only hope that I do the same for each of them. And by the way, that includes all you on-line buddies too, y’all are awesome!

6. My health and the health of those around me. As Jay’s Nana says, if it’s healthy, it’ll be happy. She is a wise one that Nana. Today as I choked for breath as I jogged with Kamden in the stroller, I was grateful for the ability to jog, for the pain that went up and down my legs as I pushed harder into the gale force winds. I was grateful that I felt the sting as the wind whipped a fallen leaf into the side of my face. Because in feeling all of those sensations, I felt fully alive. Someday, I will not be able to jog – hopefully not for a long, long time but until that day I will be grateful for the privilege of having a body that is able. It is a gift to be treasured.

7. & 8. My job. For my job I am grateful because of two things. First and foremost, it allows me to stay home with my dudes. I can’t imagine not being here to do all the things we do. I love taking both of them to school and then being the one to pick them up and hear all about their day. I like that we are not (usually) rushed to get out the door in the morning. That I can simultaneously do laundry and catch up on some work at the same time is worth more than all the tea in China. But mostly I am grateful because even when I am working, I am here. I can hear the kids beating up on their dad, er I mean, playing with their dad. That in itself warrants mention on this list. However, the fact that I also thoroughly enjoy my work more than any job I have EVER done in my entire life (I know, I know, I am NOT that old but still) makes this point count for two things to be grateful for.

Now because I was tagged twice, I promised I would do more than the required. I have so much to be grateful for so here’s a laundry list (why in the name of all things is it called a laundry list anyway?) of some of the multitude of things I am grateful for:

9. My childhood, it was happy
10. My home, it too is happy
11. The country in which I was born and reside. I. AM. CANADIAN. And proud of it.
12. Summer nights
13. Summer days at the
14. The melancholy call of a
15. The enveloping comfort of my own bed
16. Good. Food.
17. Chocolate (how did it take me this long to get that one in?)18. Cold winter nights snuggled up by the fire
19. Memories. The good, the bad and the ugly because they all make me who I am today.
20. A good laugh. I consider it a vital ingredient for life.

I could go on and on really. But for the sake of your boredom, I quit now. Thanks for yet again, (if you made it this far that is) listening to my drivel.

And because I have fairly crazy luck with successfully tagging people, I am going to leave it up to you. IF you want to play, please do. It’s good to focus on the good.



teeni said...

Kami - wow! You really did a wonderful post with this. I see we are thankful for some of the same things! And thanks for posting the "extra" for me since I double-tagged you. You put a lot of thought into this and it shows. But you are right - it really is good to consider these things every so often. Keeps us from taking things for granted.

kaylee said...


kaylee said...

Kami, can i add you to my blogroll?

Angella said...

Great post, Kami! Thankful posts are always awesome, but you raised the bar :)

Hannah said...

AWESOME post!!! LOVE it!!

tulipspeaks said...

u certainly hv a beautiful life!


The Foulds said...

:) Reading your post made me happy!

Anonymous said...

yay for you too. A person can only be as good as the person they spend their life with. In the case of you I could not ask for any better. Life is perfect when I am with you.

The butler

OMSH said...

I love the butler's comment...sweetness.

Precious "grateful" post. :)

Karen MEG said...

Awesome post, it's a great reminder of the really important things in life. You do have a lovely life indeed, but I suspect that it has a lot to do with what you put into it and your sweet attitude as well.