Monday, April 05, 2010

Another Pictorial

This was going to be a recap of our Easter weekend, spent with both Jay's and my families. It was just how it should be, good food, good company, cousins having fun, egg hunts and chocolate. I could post some pictures from that but they have my nieces and nephews in them. And they are not my best work.

What can I say, I like a stationary object. So instead, I am sharing a few of my favourites from the time I spent playing with my camera.

If this house could talk

One of the multitudes of abandoned farm houses scattered along every stretch of Saskatchewan's highways. What stories these walls could tell, if only they could talk.

Who toiled in the soil here trying to make a go of it in a new land?

What joys, what sorrows were shared within these walls?

Each one is a testament to our forefathers and mothers. Their sweat, tears and triumphs built this province.

Riding Ring

I spent part of Saturday afternoon walking around my parent's place shooting random sights. These rails are part of the riding ring my parents built for me a number of years back when I was all about horses.


A fuel tank that Dad has big plans for. Someday. (Can you hear my Mom snorting?)

The Ranch

The pasture fence. It is part of this place, a place that is home to me though I don't live there anymore. I love this fence and its weathered boards. There are so many memories of chasing horses to ride them, pail of oats in hand, halter poised and ready. I always outsmarted the little buggers. Imagine that.

A Real Horse's Ass

Here's a real horse's ass.

Sorry. I couldn't help myself when he meandered away having realized I did not come bearing treats.


He's pretty handsome from the front too. Internet, meet Poco. Poco, meet...never mind. If it's not a carrot or a pail of oats you aren't interested.

Living Skies

And lastly, the weekend was full of blue skies with big white fluffy clouds. I love them. They are one of the big pluses to living here in this place that can be so inhospitable.

I hope your Easter weekend was filled with chocolate, family and much joy, not necessarily in that order. Okay, maybe exactly in that order.


Elaine A. said...

OH yes, girl, LOTS of chocolate! Too much actually...

These are gorgeous. That last one makes me just want to sit in the middle of that field and breathe.

Happy Easter!

Angella said...

Loved these, Kami. Saskatchewan is pretty when it's not Winter. :)

Misty said...

I might have to trouble you for a copy of the 1st and 4th photo to use as my blog header...

And not the horse's ass, although... I think I could find a lot of names that could go under there.

Cheryl said...

the colors of spring and summer are coming....that sky is amazing!! Great shots girl!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Can't imagine Saskatchewan... It's like some unreal possibility...

Stacie's Madness said...

the first one is AWESOME!
I love Poco too!

Kristin said...

Great pictures, I'm a little homesick for the prairie now, thanks.