Thursday, April 29, 2010

Again, With the Random

Living Sky

So I have no post material. No ideas. Even less motivation. But here I am trying to post. I lost my mojo. I am blaming the lack of comments. It can't possibly be my fault. How could it?

I used to regularly get around 20 comments per post. TWENTY. Now, if I get ten I am rocking it. I wonder why no one likes me anymore but this shouldn't be a pity party, who wants to read that?

The lack of dinging in my email has me here, rambling about nothing. Frankly I am boring myself by this point. Enough about that except I must first give a big shout out to my peeps (how lame do I sound trying to be all cool? Yes, pretty lame.) who regularly or irregularly comment. I greatly appreciate it. M'wah, giant air kiss and hug!

Driveway to the Ranch

On to bigger and more annoying things. Like the fact that my thyroid has decided to start underpeforming. All kinds of awesome. It's still normal but it's dropped and because my body already annihilated my ovaries, it's pretty safe to assume it's now targeting my thyroid. I don't really need my ovaries but my thyroid is kind of nice, you know?

Don't worry, I got over my funk about that pretty quick. In the grand scheme of things, it's no big deal but it's still a bit hard to hear that your own body is kind of letting you down. At least, it is for me.


Speaking of my ovaries (really, were we? no wonder I don't post anymore) I came to realize that I really am at peace with my life. I feel fulfilled by my career, my fitness commitment and most importantly by my family. My boys are so much fun and don't "need" me like they once did. Once you come out the other side you can find yourself again and you didn't even realize you were missing. My identity has become mine again. It's not just Jack and Kamden's mom but it's Kami, who is many things, one of which is Jack and Kamden's mom. That might sound a bit selfish but I'll be honest, I don't honestly believe solely being a mother can be completely fulfilling to anyone. It's like all things, it requires a balance. I feel like right now, all the balls are in the air and I've got things under control. Dear Murphy, ignore me, there is nothing you need to see here. Move along. Thanks.


Stay tuned. Maybe I'll get my mojo back for blogging or at least keep posting random photos with words that say nothing. How can you resist?


Elaine A. said...

I think you are in a great place right now. Sorry about the thyroid thing girl...

Ed said...

That's a whole lot of nothing.

I hear you on the motivation. Lately, it seems my only motivation has been to nap!

Angella said...

Aw, Kami. Comments are down for everyone.

I will be here, whenever you write, because I love you (and what you have to say).


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

love the photo... and I love knowing that there will be a time when I get to be Lori first and not just Mommy. There are many days where I wonder if I will figure out who I am again

Stacie's Madness said...

yes. i'd say we're in the same boat, well, emotionally, kinda. Ok, we are in the same bloggin lost mojo boat.

I <3 you.

Kristin said...

I love your random posts! And the random pictures to go with, which are very nice by the way. I like to see nature pictures from back home, and by back home I mean all of Canada. :)

Hope you are able to get the thyroid thing figured out. ((hugs))

Kristin said...

OK, so are the rocks symbolizing your ovaries? Which picture is your thyroid? Seriously though this is why I love reading your blog. My thoughts are random like this, and you usually hit on one of the random things I'm dwelling on, like how your kids don't need you as much anymore. Somehow you are totally at peace with this, I'm still in limbo. If you'd like to do a whole post about reconnecting with yourself as your kids grow out of "Mommmmyyyy!" ever few minutes I'd like that. I'm not sure what to do with myself lately. Here it is Saturday, my husband is doing yardwork, my kids are playing Lego and me? I'm not sure what to do...wierd. Not that there isn't things to clean up after or work to be done, but I can't even think of what I WANT to do. How is this for an identity crisis in a comment? Anyway OXOX I LOVE reading your blog.

R Royal Family said...

Coming from someone who only gets one maybe two comments you are doing pretty well! Glad you are at a place you feel comfortable and can focus on you, I will join you there someday ;-)

teeni said...

Aw, Kami. I just love you to pieces. You always say things that I am thinking just so nicely. I love the balance that you feel and that you know being a mom is just one facet of the whole you (a very important one, but still only one part). My mom had some real issues adjusting to her kids growing up and leaving home. It still makes things hard sometimes and it didn't have to be that way if she saw things the way you do. I'm sorry to hear about your thyroid. I know what a pain that can be too because I have Hashimoto's. But again, your perspective is great and you inspire me. Hugs to you!!

Anonymous said...

Comments are definitely down all over. I used to get 30-40 per post, and now I get 10-15. I blame it all on Facebook and Twitter! And I completely get the mojo thing, I also don't feel like blogging much these days. HUGS!!! I will keep reading you because I love you and love your posts! Sorry I'm a bit late with this comment, I had ignored my feed reader for a time ... oops! ;-)

Misty said...

Oh oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Now THAT is the photo I have to have... the one of the road, close up. Will you email it to me? (if you don't mind) I am going to use it for my blog header.

kanishk said...

I hear you on the motivation.
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