Monday, April 12, 2010

Yup, I'm crazy

I got me some random opinions I want to share and you know since it's my blog, you are forced to read them. Ha. Actually if you do read my ramblings I am honoured. I threw in some random photos because I am in a zone with my camera right now (manual mode only thankyouvermuch) and having so much fun developing my hobby 'cause that's all I ever intend it to be. I know that is stating the obvious given my skill level - just call me Captain Obvious - thanks for that one Lori, it's a keeper.

Man at Work

building a pull up bar - dude is buff

First it's time to refill my coffee. Ah, that's better. So I didn't give it up, in case you were wondering. I had a migraine one day last week (also a symptom of my lovely menopause because they only began about a year ago) and thought whatever. I feel like a piece of dog poop stuck to the bottom of someones shoe anyway, I am making a pot of coffee. And that's all it takes. One pot and I am brewing a pot daily.

Life is short. Time is precious. Coffee is good. End of story.

You will remind me of that next week when I swear I am quitting again, won't you? Great, thanks, I knew I could count on you.

Working together

Brothers at work - sandbox, best investment ever

I haven't talked Mother Earth crusade forever. Here's my latest and greatest. If I can smell laundry soap on you, you are using too much soap. I have a pretty keen sense of smell, just like my mom, and lately I have been noticing that a few people reek like Tide. Or Cheer. Or whatever. Here's the thing people, you only need a quarter of the amount they recommend on the bottle. That's right, a quarter. Unless you regularly douse yourself, fully clothed, in mud. I am guessing you don't which means your clothes are not dirty enough to warrant that much soap.

The manufacturer of the soap, see, they want to sell lots of soap. If you use lots, you buy more. See where I am going with this?

I should do an experiment because the thing is, if you can smell the soap that strongly on your clothes I am willing to bet you could put them in the washer with no soap next time and there would be suds. There is no way there isn't a tonne of soap left in the fabric of your clothes after the rinse when they smell that strongly. And then people use fabric softener in the rinse yet. Oy. It gives me a headache. I have two words for you. Dryer Balls. I have been using mine for years. There is no static and our clothes are very soft thanks.

Think of the money you will save on laundry soap and fabric softener.


Okay off my soap box (ha!) now. Oh wait, I have another one. iPhones. Apps for iPhones. Blackberry's. Blackberry pearls.

So. Sick. Of. Hearing. About. Them.

I am sure they are great but here's the thing. I don't, I repeat, I don't need one. On any level. I live in small city, Saskatchewan. I can drive 15 min and be anywhere in my fair city. That means I know my city - no maps required. I am, at any time 15 min away from my computer in case, you know, there is a crisis or something. We all know how often it is life or death if I can't get on the internet.

They have their place for business people especially those in big centers. But for everyday Mom like me, it's just another gadget that they are trying to trick me into buying because it's going to make my life so much better. Sorry I am not that gullible.

Oh and if you have one and are just like me, ignore me, like I said, my opinion, for me, about me. Friends?


could he be any cuter?

That reminds me of a ziplock commercial that I saw the other day. It was all about how much food people waste and that if you just bought ziplock bags to store them in well by golly gee, end of waste. I call bullsh!t. Sorry. Who doesn't store their food in some kind of bag or container already? If you answered yes, the for the love of Pete, please get some ziplock bags already. What are you waiting for?
I sometimes wonder about the marketers. I do. They have a very low opinion of average joe's intelligence. It's discrimination I tell you.
I mean, just because I regularly dump my spagetti and meatball leftovers on the fridge shelf, that makes you think I am an idiot? C'mon, work with me here.

My dudes

I kind of love how much they love each other

And that concludes my submission for admission to the looney bin. I am thinking there's a pretty good chance I qualify. Just think of the blog fodder I'll accumulate there.


Cheryl said...

first off your pics are getting goooooood!! Love it

coffee = happiness. End. Of Story

so happy you jumped back on!

Have I told you I miss you lately??? I want to laugh with you!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

you crack me up! Have you read any of my posts lately on logic... sounds like I need to do one on the logic of commercials too?

I too do no have an iphone or blackberry... actually in the last year I just got texting on my phone. I know I'm strange.

At least you get to look back on life and laugh... isn't that half the reason for blogging anyway?

Angella said...

Um, I have an iPhone and it CHANGED MY LIFE.


Matthew finally succumbed after a year of mocking me and now he wonders how he lived without it. :)

Sorry someone's giving you a hard time - if you don't want one, don't let it bug you.

Great shots, too!

Anonymous said...

GREAT photos, Kami!! They rock!

I'm totally with you on the iPhone thing. I soooooooo don't need one, and am sick of hearing about them everywhere I go!

BeachMama said...

Coffee... is good...
Chin up bars... not so good for me, but for others great.
Photos! Fantastic! Your are honing your talents, enjoy it, its fun.

And I left you a little award over at my blog be sure to stop by.

Debbie said...

Your photos are great. And inspiring. I need to learn more about my fancy-dancy camera.

I have a Blackberry - corporate. Free. Otherwise I wouldn't. I do like it though.

Kristin said...

Totally with you on the whole laundry soap thing.

I don't know that I really have an opinion on the iphone, but I do know that it is super nice to have Google maps at your finger tips in a place like Jeddah! Ian has one, and we also find the "Pray Time" App super useful, not that we plan to go and pray, but that we will then know when the stores will be closing and how much time we have to get in them so we can shop while everyone else prays. Ha ha!

Ed said...

I love a good rambling rant. And you know what makes it even better??

Coffee!! It's the only vice I've got left. If I give it up you might as well shoot me.

I had dryer balls -- they cracked.

Elaine A. said...

I'm back on the coffee too. What can I say, I love the stuff.

I still have my 'old' Nokia flipping phone while everyone else is texting away on their new fancy phone, computer thingys. Oh well! ;)

Nice photos my friend. VERY nice.

Kristin said...

You have got some serious photo skills. I love your rants, I might start quoting you to my husband, neighbours and friends...I must know what kind of dryer ball do you use? I've seen various and I'm curious.

kanishk said...

actually in the last year I just got texting on my phone. I know I'm strange.
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