Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Corruption of a Sweet Little Girl

Back last August, I introduced my friend's twins, Rachel and Alex. Rachel also happens to be my Goddaughter and she is, by some strange phenomenon, taking after me in some small ways. Case in point, her shoe and boot fetish (her mom, Candace, already did a post on that).

So of course, being the diligent Godmother, I strive to foster her interests. Isn't that my role? Of course it is, that and some other important stuff.

Naturally this involves something I am very good at, shopping for stylish boots. If she is going to have a boot fetish, she needs to get her collection started off on the right foot (ha!).

A few weeks ago when the wet weather was here, these were prefect.

The above photos is courtesy of Candace.

But now that it has dried up, she needs another pair. Rubber boots are so three weeks ago. We can't have her wearing outdated boots. Not on my watch.

I thought these were perfect:


Am I right or am I right? The cutest, right? And chocolate brown coordinates so nicely with pink and blue and denim...the list goes on and on. These are a good solid classic pair of boots, perfect for her growing collection.

But this is not where my influence ends. Oh no. If I am going to go about my job as Godmother, I am not going to only put in 85%, only a 110% will do.


So yesterday, when she reached for my coffee cup, I just watched (or snapped photos, same thing). It was time to introduce her to my second fetish. See the questioning look in her eyes? She's totally waiting for me to say no.

Nothing to see here

See the smirk? That's the look what I did and you are not scolding me look.

The peanut gallery, naturally, has a comment or two and Rachael listens patiently.

Whatever, I am old enough

Fully thinking, whatever lady, I got the cup, I am seeing how far I can go with this adventure.

Really?  I can have this?

*wah, wah, whah* The peanut gallery still had a lot to say. Always graceful and attentive, Rachel listens patiently until she gets the chance to sit down and see what the buzz is all about.

"Why does Mami (what she calls me and basically melts me into a puddle of goo every single time) seem to always be sucking on this cup?"

Shhh, we won't tell her about the vodka just yet.

" What is in here that is so good? "

Uh oh, she got a taste

"I gotta know. "

Hmmm, maybe this wasn't a good idea

Uh oh, maybe there was some vodka in there. Nah, I wouldn't have left any of that behind.

See, this girl after my own heart, well I have to make sure she gets started on her caffeine addiction early. What? Her parents are tall, and it's such a challenge to find good pants when you are tall.

(No toddlers were harmed by coffee in the making of this post. The coffee was lukewarm at best (no vodka I promise, because ewwwww) and there was very little in the cup at all. Not to mention the spout was closed. Mental damage by association with me, well it's a risk with every exposure.)


BeachMama said...

Love it!! Both the boots and the coffee. It looks like Rachel and Apple would hit it off. Apple likes to 'sip' my coffee, usually she pretends but sometimes she sneaks a sip and I catch her :)

Elaine A. said...

The boys sip my tepid coffee all the time. SIP I say...

You're just being a good Godmother. Love the boots! :D

Elaine A. said...
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R Royal Family said...

Awesome post and pictures Mami! She is a lucky God Daughter. I was choked I didn't see you today. I put her in a jean skirt with pink tights and her boots. I tried to get a picture but she was having none of it and once she discovered Logans spiderman mask and PJ's the picture perfect moment was tainted ;-)

Angella said...


Stacie's Madness said...

awe, what a great post. :)
awesome pictures and boots too!

Karen MEG said...

Hah, Hot boots and lukewarm coffee - what a combination :)!

She's adorable and I love, love, love those brown booties (little G's Aunt and Uncle got similar ones for her birthday and she loves them too...yup, just like her Mama)

Hope you're well, Kami!

kanishk said...

The boys sip my tepid coffee all the time.
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