Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arbitrary Thursday

I feel like writing a blog post but have no concrete subjects so arbitrary bits of random it is.

Jay bought me flowers a week or so ago to congratulate me on a new work contract that I was offered and accepted. It means that I will have more contract work over and above the work I have been doing over the last five years. It couldn't have come at a better time, really and truly.

I love when things just work out like that.


The pictures in my blog header are from 3 years ago. Or so. I haven't the foggiest on how to go about changing them. I should try and figure that out. Maybe.

I might just about be ready to change my blog layout. Maybe. But I haven't the foggiest how so that would require hiring a professional. I might get around to in sometime in 2012.

On Friday, I purchased three pork tenderloins from that big grocery store we have in Canada that carries a lot of products packaged in yellow. Saturday morning, in anticipation of hosting a dinner for Anna and Jen and families, I began cutting up the meat to marinate for souvlaki.

The first package, when opened stunk like rotting meat and the meat was the texture of what I envision Jabba the Hut feeling like. Slimy disgustingness.

The second did not. I cut that up and when I got to the end of it, guess what? Jabba the Hut consistency again. And now it is in the marinade with the peppers and onions.

Package three was as rank as the first.

I put all of it in a bag and marched it back to the Yellow Store. I was polite. I didn't even threaten to take the meat to the health department.

In return, the lady tried to take away my free gift card earned when I spent over $250 since the return of the meat (no exchange thankyouverymuch) would put my total below $250.

I am not even kidding.

I politely noted that under normal circumstances, I would completely agree. However, given that the meat was ROTTING, I would think that an exception could be made. I should have added "for the love of Pete", it was fitting, no?

She had the gall to note that for all she knew, I could have left the meat out overnight. Wow. I was stunned for a second or two, regained my composure and said that I had not, in fact, left the meat out overnight (insert yelling comment in my head - "because I am not a complete MORON!") and that it was doubtful, in my opinion, that the stench coming from the bag could have occurred overnight.
Again, not even kidding.

She begrudgingly let me keep my gift card. Wasn't she just the sweetest thing?

Guess where I will refrain from buying my meat from here on out?


Jen said...

Very nice. I don't buy much meat at all and rarely from the yellow store you mention. Safeway, M&M and Costco have much better quality.

Glad you had such stellar customer service! ;)

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Ick! I didn't buy meat from there for a number of years after finding their chicken and hamburger coolers at room temperature more than once and them selling that room temp meat, even after I complained to the meat manager and the customer service people.
Hope life is well with you and yours,

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that is crazy. that is one thing I like about our local grocery store... no questions asked, you have an issue with anything you buy there they let you return it.

sit back and enjoy your flowers and forget about the nasty meat

Cheryl said...

I'm a costco meat gal.....but then again the costco milk seems to sour win situation!!!

Congrats on the work...wish I could be on your team!!! Miss you!

Stacie's Madness said...

awe, man. Pete gets lots of love at my place...we say "for the love of Pete" a lot.

Angella said...


That's just for you to refer to if you are ever tempted to do it again. :)

Jen Wilson said...

I learned the SuperStore meat thing the hard way too. :( Although, that pork roast we had at your place was INCREDIBLE.

Also, I'll do you up a site! I'm cheap! Do you want to go self-hosted? Stay at blogger? EMAIL ME.

Elaine A. said...

I would have told her she could take that g.c. and put it where the sun don't shine - I ain't shoppin' here no more!

I CANNOT believe she said those things to you. Customer Service is SO bad these days... ugh.

And can you email me and clarify what store this is? I'm just curious and since I don't live in your country I'm just not sure...

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Ah, doesn't she know you have a BLOG?!?

Gross. I'm sure it was a fluke, but you would think that they would fawn all over you to try and make you feel BETTER about their store instead of the opposite, wouldn't you?

Midwest Mommy said...

I think I am in love with those flowers.

Ashley said...

What I want know is did your bag "accidentally" spring a leak on the walk out? It may have punctuated the point a little stronger.

We never purchase meat from the yellow store here. The whole meat department makes the slaughter house up the hill smell like a botanical garden - blech

Hannah said...

I like random posts. In fact, I just wrote one myself!

LOVE the flowers! Congrats on the new contract.

I was actually thinking the other day that your blog header was a little out of date now ... but your boys were cute back then, huh? Still cute now. Or maybe "handsome" is a better word. I know my boys don't like being called "cute" anymore ;-)

EWWWW at the meat ... I don't know what store you are referring to but I can pretty safely assume we don't have one here. I can't believe the reaction from the store manager!! Awful! I used to work at a supermarket and we would always replace the product AND give a full refund.

Karen MEG said...

The flowers are gorgeous - your man is the sweetest thing. Congrats on the new contract, that's amazing!

And ewwwww on the Yellow store (you've been so nice to not plaster their name all over the place...we know they are though...) I don't usually buy meat there either unless it's frozen.

That's totally crappy customer service, although you already knew that. And such a smart woman too, right, like "hey, you bought stinky meat here and just to totally ensure that you'll never step foot in this store again, let's take back whatever incentive might ever bring you back in future".

Sniff the flowers for me. Thanks, made me feel better too ;)!

R Royal Family said...

What a Stupid Store ;-)I hope you had a good supper any way. Your souvlaki is always amazing, well anything you cook is always amazing.

Ed said...

Crap! I forgot to put the groceries away. Again.

Thanks for the reminder.

Kristin said...

Ewwy meat story, but the flowers are totally pretty! :)