Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Bye, Old Friend

This week it was time to say good bye to an old friend. One that has been hanging on the wall of our house for the last eleven or so years.

See my wedding bouquet below?

Portrait of a happy day

It was 4,000 times more beautiful than I envisioned when we discussed what I wanted with the florist. To this day, I recommend her to anyone who will listen. She has such a distinct style, modern, yet soft, unique and always beautiful.

I loved my flowers to much that once our amazing day was over and done, I couldn't bear to get rid of them - I am not a hoarder, honest!

I dried them and then decided to make a swag out of them. This was big challenge for me, who stores all of my creativity in my left baby toenail.

Out with the Old and Dusty

It worked. If you didn't look at it too close or sneeze around it. It was fragile and only survived the move from our apartment to our house because we picked a non-windy day to drive it over while placed carefully on my lap.

But alas, after eleven years, it had become a health hazard. It was hanging over our kitchen table, dust ridden and falling apart. It was time.

I took photos and shed no tears. I am too practical to be that sentimental. Jay opened a garbage bag and we carefully shoved it in while holding our breath.

We were worried about asphyxiating on the dust that billowed out as I squished it into the bag.

I am kidding. Ish.

In its place, I printed and framed a few of our Grand Canyon photos.

In with the New

It's a nice change though our food may taste a bit bland for a bit while we get used to the lack of dust seasoning.


Cheryl said...

oh that is a great post!!!!!!! LOVE the pics of your trip...just cause you are no longer staring at the flowers every day does not mean you can't remember them anytime you want to!!!!

Angella said...

I can't believe that it lasted for 11 years!

LOVE the photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Guess what I have just done, Kami? I have taken down my own wedding bouquet that has been hanging on my wall for 11 years ... and I have put it in the trash! Of course I took a photo first. Thank you for this post. Thank you for helping me to see that I don't need to keep a dried up bunch of flowers in order to remember my wedding day. I was too scared to throw them away. It even had/has the white satin ribbon still tied around it!!! I feel kind of "free" now! :-)

Jen Wilson said...

I didn't know that was your wedding bouquet!! Looking forward to checking out it's replacement(s) next time I visit you. :)

Ed said...


Andrea said...

I like the change! So fresh! I can't believe that the flowers lasted for as long as they did. At least you have a gorgeous picture to remind you of their beauty.

Stacie's Madness said...

hahah, you are awesome!

Karen MEG said...

Kami, you crack me right up!!!! This was a sentimental post ... but not. I am very impressed that you kept your bouquet that long. I think if I'd tried to do the same thing it would have ended up in the garbage on day 3.

I like what you've done instead. Thank goodness for photo memories, though, right?