Thursday, September 02, 2010

It was Grand and so is he

I promised more pictures from our Vegas trip and when I make a promise, I deliver gosh darn it all anyway (anyone remember that from SNL back in the late 80's - it was that guy who said "I am good enough, and strong enough and gosh darn it all people like me!).

Anyway, here are the pictures from our Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon. I would highly recommend this if you can do it. It was, aside from hanging out with our friends, the highlight of the trip.

Our pilot was very cute (a nice bonus), young and a Mormon from Utah. He even knew where Saskatchewan was as he had been in Alberta on a church mission. Poor guy (the Alberta part, I got nothing against Mormon's!)

As an aside, I was pleasantly surprised how many Americans knew where Saskatchewan was...normally I just say that we are from Canada because I have to admit I have a skewed view of the average Americans knowledge of Canadian geography. After this trip, I have to stand corrected, y'all know what you are talkin' about.

Nature's Show

Just outside the city limits of the bright lights, big city, nature competes with its own show and I, personally, think it gives the strip a run for its money.

Red Rock

More stunning rock formations a bit further outside the city limits.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam - it doesn't look to big from way up here. But thos white specks towards the bottom right of the photo are boats. That kinda puts in perspective, no?

The Grand Entrance

Our first view of the Grand Canyon. To state the obvious, it is grand, beyond adequate words.

4000 ft

We flew down into the canyon after our pilot (his name escapes me but I can however picture his face) dropped us down. I just about lost my breakfast at about that point too. I took Gravol, however, it either wasn't enough or wasn't working. I was never so glad to be out of the copter in the 44 degree C heat (111.12 degrees F for you imperial folks). It was hot but much preferable to the motion sickness!

On the Colorado River

The Canyon walls are 4000 ft above us down on the Colorado River (in my head I totally say CALL-er_RA-do with some good American twang).

Mind blowing. The walls people, not my sad attempt at an accent.

Dessert plants

Then we flew up the canyon wall in the helicopter and took a bus to Eagle Point (click to see why it's called that) home of the Sky Walk. We didn't go out on the Sky Walk (had to pay even more for that) since we had such amazing views from the helicopter.

Me and My One and Only

Having friends with us was great for taking photos of each other. We did lots of that but you know what we never did? Take photos of us with the friends. Nor did we take photos when we were dressed up later for dinner and the David Spade show. We are so smart.

Wicked view

Next we took a bus to Guano Point. Our helicopter pilot was telling us that Guano means bat poop in one of the Native American languages and that it is used in cosmetics. I am going with ignorance is bliss on that one.

Here you could walk out over this big rock ledge - see picture on link above. It freaked me right out. In places you were inches from the edge of the canyon wall. Which judging by the sheer edge of the side on the opposite side of the canyon, was deadly. We stayed as far away as possible. I am very clumsy. AND there were people on there with kids. Like kids my boys age. I nearly had a coronary. They can go when they are 18. No wait 30, around the same time they can start dating.


The rock formation is stunning. It is really that red. My running shoes still have the red dust on them from walking on the path.

Blue and Red

I am running out of commentary. The photos speak for themselves and this has no bearing on my ability, it's the subject that takes all the credit.

He's from Heaven

And this guy, my handsome Jay, he turns the big X-O today. The X is the number of his age but it's a secret. Well not really, you can probably figure it out.

Jay, this trip was amazing. It reminded me of how much I love spending time with you. Thank you for the last 17 years (seriously, this is the 17th birthday we will celebrate together). You are my everything and it is an honour to walk beside you in this life.

Happy birthday Jay! And my big brother, Trevor too!

It's meatloaf night! (not even kidding, we are going out for meatloaf - it has become a tradition)


Cheryl said...

the blue sky is breathtaking....
that tour is on my "list" I can only imagine how insignificant one feels when you see the grand canyon..
glad you had fun, next time we join you!!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!

As for the bat poop thing ... it's a myth. I looked into it a year or two ago when I heard that same thing!

Angella said...

Happy Birthday!!!

We didn't have time for the Grand Canyon on our Vegas trip, but next time. Your photos have inspired me to make it happen.

Elaine A. said...

Awesome, isn't it? I'm so glad my father made us go there several times. It's so worth it.

Your photos are amazing!

Andrea said...

Fantastic! I really enjoyed your photos and am so glad you did the whole Hoover Dam experience. The last time we went to LV, we had great intentions but got hung up on the whole LV vibe and didn't venture out as much as we wanted. I really hope to get to the Grand Canyon on our next trip there.

Jen Wilson said...

INCREDIBLE photos!!! So glad you had an amazing time!!

Stacie's Madness said...

holy cow...I love this post so much I could cry!
love love love.

Kristin said...

Spectacular photos. I take offense to the Alberta comment especially from a snooty SASK. :) I guess I'll love you anyway, but I certainly could teach you a thing or 2. ox

Nenette AM said...

Happy Birthday! And OMG, those pictures! You make me want to back. :) Last time I was in Vegas and Hoover Dam was in 1996, when I was a young, unmarried, childless ne'er-do-well! Thanks for the memories, my dear. :)

nicole said...

I went to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam in middle school. We went on our way to California to see family. My dad totally convinced me I would fall off the side if a strong wind blew, so I'm pretty sure I didn't experience it the way I should have. I'm also terrified of heights. I would NEVER pay to go on the SkyWalk. I don't think I would go on it if you paid me! And I also get intense nerves thinking of my children at the Grand Canyon. Glad you had a great trip.

Karen MEG said...

Happy Birthday to Jay- and being is your X0's is actually a pretty great thing! Gorgeous photos!