Sunday, April 10, 2011


And also accident prone.


See that?

He lost is other front tooth.

Guess how?

It didn't get really loose and then fall out. Oh no. This is Kamden we are talking about.

He knocked it out. With his own knee. He has a dent in his knee to prove it.

Unfortunately I did not witness this marvelous feat. I mean not just anyone can knock out their own tooth out, especially with thier knee.

Our Kamden is talented.

Jack claimes it was a collision with the couch in which he doubled into two, likely to take the brunt of the impact. I guess he didn't account for a knee in the face.

Which conicidentally enough, he is aware can happen. He kneed himself in the forehead not too long agou while jumping around on the floor. I saw him do and yet, I still could not explain to you how he did it.

He cried that time. This time, no tears. He was a bit concerned about the blood. I explained that teeth bleed much less when they are ready to come out.


And see that mess under his nose? He did that at school. He was sitting somewhere and fell (I have no idea!)into some dirt or something. The story was not quite clear.

He does not get this from me. Oh no.

(No one mention that I had knocked both teeth out by the time I was 4, m'kay. It is our little secret. I didn't use my knee so it is much less newsworthy.)


Cheryl said...

and such is life with boys.....geez he's cute!
Self inflicted tooth loss, I love it

Angella said...

Nathan's my klutz, too. Yet also my sporto. :)

He looks adorable!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

ouch! life with boys never brings about a dull moment. at least it was a baby tooth!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, reminds me of the time Tyler kicked Ethan's 2 front teeth out when they were only slightly loose!! BOYS!!!

He looks so cute as a toothless guy :-)

Elaine A. said...

Boys. ;P

That first pic makes me literally laugh out loud!

G is my clutz around here. I suspect he will do something similar to this someday...

R Royal Family said...

love it, thats the Kamden I know & love!