Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A post for my lovely wife and the boys Favorite mom.

In honour of Mother's day I sat the boys down and asked them a few questions. The following are their responses:

Reasons why we love mom, by Jack and Kamden

- Because she is all loveable
- Because she loves us and all of us
- She watches TV with me and she stays for a little bit and then she goes
- She plays the frog game and balloon lagoon
- Because she lifts me up and gives me a hug and puts me down
- Because she loves us

What is mom’s favorite thing to do?

Jack: Play around on the internet
Kamden: Play games

Why does Mommy love us?
Because we love her

What is Mom’s favorite thing to do to you?
Throw me in a snowbank.

Then of course they need to pose with their lovely Mother.

And 3 song excerpts that say why I love you!

First our wedding song

You make me smile.
Even the times I'm trying to be serious.
You are possessing the quality mysterious.
A special style You, you, you, you make me smile

Jennifer Love Hewitt (yes she sings too)

For tonight I'll ask, the stars above,"How did I ever win your love?"
What did I do?
What did I say,to turn your angel eyes my way?
Don't anyone wake me, if it's just a dream'
Cause she's the best thing, ever happened to me

Jeff Healey

Everything I'll ever need, Is standing right here in front of me
You've given more than i'll ever ask for
Now all I can do Is give forever to you.
Cuz now, now it seems I'm wide awake in this dream
Cuz now, now it seems I'm wide awake in this dream
And I'll do, I'll do anything To stay here forever
And if this is a dream I'm not going to wake up
But if I'm awake I won't close my eyes again

Kalan Porter

To the best mommy ever. We love you!



Elaine A. said...

Happy Mother's Day Kami! What a cute post! I love y'all's pictures together! So cute. Have a great day tomorrow.

mamatucci said...

What nice, cute and smart boys you have!! Happy Mothers Day

teeni said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Kami! I love the up-do! And thanks to Jay for such a sweet post for our sweet friend! :)

Angella said...

Sweet post, Jay!!

Kami is blessed to have you guys, and vice versa!

Lori said...

how sweet is that! what a cute idea

Hannah said...

Sooooo sweet!!! Great post, Jay! You rock.

Kami - you are pretty awesome and I hope you had a FANTASTIC Mother's Day ... I can imagine your guys spoiled you LOTS!

Karen MEG said...

Jay, you are indeed the sweetest hubby, your boys the cutest ... and of course you are so very lucky to have Kami as your lady, and the boys their mama.

Happy mother's day, Kami!!!

Beautiful pix, BTW

Kristin said...

Happy Mothers Day Kami!

From the sounds of this post I am sure your boys treated you well. :) And it sounds like you deserve it. :)

Natalie said...

Happy Mother's Day! What a great post! Kirstyn answered some questions like that about me at preschool. too cute!!!

LaskiGal said...

That was awesome!

"Why we love mom . . . "
"She plays the frog game and balloon lagoon" Well, duh!

Happy Mother's Day Kami--you got a lotta love goin' on!

Stacie said...

Happy mother's day Kami, kudos to a great post by Jay!

Kellan said...

This was so sweet!!! I love the answers your boys gave - so cute!! I hope you had a great Mother's Day, Kami - it sounds like your men probably took very good care of you! See you - Kellan

KATE said...

Oh how sweet! Cute family Kami!

Alex Elliot said...

What a great post! You have one creative husband! I particularly like the bit about how you watch TV for a little bit and then leave.