Monday, May 26, 2008

Whew and Yay

I survived the weekend. It was long and it was exhausting. I can’t even imagine facilitating the 3 days that is required for a course like this. I was just there mostly observing and I am beat.

But the good news is that I did present. I wasn’t going to. Even after two days of it, and the facilitator asking me over and over if I wanted to present this or that, I kept saying no. But I came home Saturday night and realized that I was never going to have this opportunity again. I was working with a guy that I respect, admire as a facilitator and get along with really well. I know he has my back and would never judge me harshly.

So I did it.

And I didn’t die.

That is exactly what I said to myself after I was done. I am done and I didn’t die. Isn’t that something!

Everything happened that I am always so fearful of. I lost my train of thought mid-sentence. I didn’t know the answer to a student question. I didn’t cover something important (cue facilitator jumping in to cover my butt!).

But despite all that, I didn’t die. I didn’t even get injured.

It was WAY out of my comfort zone but you know what? I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t shake. My voice didn’t crack and the students could actually hear me.

People, this is a small miracle.

Will I ever do one on my own?

I have no idea. Right now I am so tired I could fall asleep on my desk beside this laptop. Imagine how tired I would be had I actually talked for 3 days straight.

The point is that I pushed myself outside my comfort zone and I am glad I did. The next time I am required to speak in front of a group of people I will be much more confident in myself. And that my friends, makes it all worthwhile.

And today I had the honour of meeting BeachMama in the flesh. She’s much taller than I thought which is the first thing I exclaimed when we hugged. Yes, I am ALL class. But she is lovely, just as I thought she was and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with her and her cute kids along with her sister and Anna . We had mini-mini-BlogHer right here in my hometown. The location was somewhat sketchy though. We had planned to meet at an indoor play palace but apparently they think Mondays are holidays so Burger King was the next best thing. Maybe that was a good thing because I dumped my full diet coke all over the floor. Again with my class.

At least I didn't spill it on myself.



Hannah said...

Yay for taking the plunge and presenting! GO YOU!!!

And yay for meeting blogging friends :-)

teeni said...

You, my dear, are awesome! I love that you didn't die! You crack me up. But I'm so glad you talked yourself into it - you make so much sense. I bet it is something that gets easier over time, too so you will only get better at it. I am terrified of public speaking myself (but have no qualms about chatting all over everybody's comments area - go figure). ;) Anyway, we are proud of you and jealous that you got to meet more blogger buddies!

Elaine A. said...

Yay Kami - You didn't die - that's awesome!!!

Seriously, congrats on your presentation. That took a lot of guts and I am so proud of you!

You, BeachMama and Anna are all so cute! Sure wish I could beam myself up and see you in person too!

BeachMama said...

Yay for our photo!! Apple just got to sleep and it is 9:30 so I just got to pick up the computer. It was so wonderful to meet you in real life and you are just as wonderful in person as you are on your blog. My Sister thought you guys were fabulous and enjoyed meeting you both. She also figures that we had better discussions at BK than we would have been able to have at It's a Blast. Next year you can all come here!

I am glad you had the opportunity to present at your course. Here we were chatting about the clothing you wore and not if you presented or not.

And the diet coke, pffft, it happens to all of us.

Natalie said...

yeah! i am sooooo glad that you lived to tell the tale, with class!

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

Ha ha I though it read, 'spit my coke' and had to go back and re-read!
I am such a dolt!
You are too funny!
Yay to presenting!
Yay to kicking fears butt!
Yay to a free refill!
Yay to a great time hanging out!
OK. I am done with the yays, it is way to late!

Angella said...

I knew you could do it! I'm so proud of you!!

Um, the first time I sat in on a FFIS (WITH DOUG) I spilled Diet Coke all over my white capris.

I'm classy like that ;)

Misty said...

Hey. Good for you on ALL of the above.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi Kami!

Sorry I've gone all m.i.a. and everything, hadn't even looked at my blog for a couple of weeks, but just read your comment so I wanted to say "thanks" for the sweet stuff you said, and "hello"! Sounds like you've been really busy as usual, I don't know what your presentation was about, but sounds like you handled it with great finese! Speaking in front of crowds is probably one of my biggest fears, so I can totally relate to how you felt. (my knees would have been knocking and my voice shaking) :) Next time you'll be able to wing it all by yourself! How are your sweet boys (that includes your hubby!) doing? Are they excited for summer and warmer weather to come? I love your blog's new "look" and all the new pictures, so cute! BTW, Happy Belated Birthday! That's pretty cool that you and Brian share the same birthday, who knew?!

Things here have been really crazy, and I mean CRAZY. (not in a good way, unfortunately) My husband's Grandmother had to be placed in an assisted nursing facility last week, we helped to move her in. She's been having major confusion (dimentia) the last several weeks, came on sort of suddenly, very bizarre, and so sad. She doesn't know where she is half the time, thinks she lives in a house she lived in 20 yrs. ago, stuff like that. Also, a close friend of ours suffered a heart attack last Friday (46 yrs. old) and is in critical condition. So upsetting, just praying he will be alright. He's got four kids and the youngest is 20 mos. old. Other than THAT,..our lives seem pretty lame in comparison! Well, Kami, I've written a book here! I miss you, too, and will try and drop in and say "hi" more often. Take care and drop me a note once in awhile when you get the chance, okay? Give those "Khlopchyks" a hug from me!

Lizzy :)

Stacie said...

great job did it and you didn't die...which like you said, will only make the NEXT time go that much better!

yay on meeting more blog girls...good times!

mamatucci said...

Congratulations! What a big step.
You sure have been busy, rest up!You deserve it.

Karen MEG said...

You did it and didn't die; you are so hilarious, Kami. I knew you could do it! But I can see how you were exhausted; sometimes nerves alone can really wipe you out.

I used to hate presenting; but after doing it quite a bit, it got a lot easier, I was almost good at it. Now I would suck, because it's been a few years. I look at my husband who does a lot of presenting for work - he can whip up a presentation the night before and give it the next morning. I would be having a nervous breakdown.

A mini-blogher!!! Yay, that you with Beachmama and Anna. Are J and Apple just as cute in person?

KATE said...

Good Job, I could never do that! I am very impressed! Congrats!!

How fun a blogger "meet & greet"! Yay!

Laski said...

Yay for pushing yourself! It gets easier and easier--especially when you realize just how good you are!

Trying to catch up! I love vacation but hate being away from my blogging buds--that's not odd, right?

Love the fact that you had a chance to meet up with some blogging pals! That is awesome!

Kristin said...

Way to go! Good for you for taking the plunge.

Kellan said...

Congratulations on the presentation - way to go! And, so cool to meet other bloggers - very cool!

Have a good day, Kami - see you - Kellan