Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Little o this

You know sometimes when you have a million post ideas and then sometimes, not so much? You may have guessed that I am in the not so much rut. Thank goodness for Jay taking over the blog on Sunday or there would have been nothing on here.*

I do feel that I should clarify one thing from the last post.

First. I do not, nor have I ever actually thrown either of my kids into a snowbank. I do however tease them and pick them up and pretend that I will throw them into a snowbank. Or the ocean when we were in the Bahamas. Somehow that one was much more fun.

Because it illicits gleeful screeching and giggling from both of them I am forced to continue this practice.

It's a tough life people, tough.

Had to clear that up just in case Social Services is reading this.

And also? Has anyone noticed that I look exactly the same in both pictures here , as if I am a frozen with that smile on my face? It creeps me out just a little I have to say. Just a little.

And because that's all I've got, here are some pictures.

* I have seen a few blogging pet peeves going around in blogland - apparently it's really annoying to explain why you haven't or aren't posting. See me sticking my tongue out at that one? I am outside that box baby. OUTSIDE.


mamatucci said...

Ha, I ent back and you do look exactly the same in both photos. Very nice though.

Hannah said...

Look at all that cuteness!!! Your boys are just delightful, I love their smiles! They look so happy :-)

And I agree that being outside the box is better. Who ever wanted to be kept inside a smelly, dark, dusty ol' box anyways?!

Angella said...

Ditto to the ladies above. Post WHAT you want WHEN you want.

Rules, Schmules!


Kristin said...

Blogging pet peeves, whatever... if you don't like what someone has written don't read it!

Cute pics. :)

teeni said...

I like that you look the same in both of those pictures - you are beautiful in both and it just shows off that much more how much the boys moved. LOL. They are adorable!

And I'm glad you are outside the box - A Kami-in-the-Box is not as much fun as one outside of the box! :) I love that you break the rules, baby!

Misty said...

DUDE... DUDETTE, rather. Post when ever the "beep" you want.... explaining to no one. This is your space, BABE! And, I, for one love it.

KATE said...

Cute pics of the boys!

And, it's a good thing you cleared up the snowbank thing, I was considering calling Social Services! ha ha ha!

Stacie said...

you DO look exactly the same...AND beautiful.

Days are flying by at my blog too...did someone hit the fast forward button on my week?

Kellan said...

Outside that box huh?! Cute pictures of the boys and cute of you on the Mother's Day post - yes, zactly the same head/eyes/smile - a bit creepy, but adorable!!

Hope you have a good day tomorrow - see you soon - Kellan

Elaine A. said...

You mentioned the Bahamas so I had to go back to those posts and take in some sun and sand. Plus that was when I first "met" you so it was nice to take a little trip down memory lane. ; )

Cute boys as usual. Must of been doing some biking, eh?

And, I will always be back, no matter how often you do or don't post! : )

Ed (zoesdad) said...

That looks like a fun tree. I somehow picture my kids with their necks wedged in that v unable to get themselves out--me still snapping away trying to adjust the camera as their faces turn blue thinking it's got to be the darn camera acting up.

Cecily R said...

I am a super dork and always feel like I need to explain myself...like anyone cares. Silly.

LOVE the pictures. All of them!!