Thursday, August 06, 2009

Something is Everything

“I am only one. I cannot do everything but I can still do something. I will not let the fact that I can’t do everything stop me from doing the something that I can.”

- unknown author

These words are so powerful to me and sum up how I feel about my Mother Earth Crusade. Honestly, I do get overwhelmed with the futility of it all. Sometimes I feel like whatever I do is so overshadowed by what I see so many people around me doing. I won’t lie, I get angry and have been tempted, on more than one occasion to pick up the cigarette butt tossed out the car window at a red light and return it to the owner who “lost” it. But in the essence of safety (can you say road rage?), I haven’t. Yet. Only the good Lord knows what the hormones might make me capable of in the future though.

If it happens, I’ll try to alert the media, you know, so I can link the footage of my arrest here for your entertainment pleasure.

In all seriousness, it’s been awhile since we made any changes to the cause, the clothes line has been working out really well except for the lack of, you know, SUMMER weather. Not that I am bitter or anything. Turns out clothes dry on the line in fall like temperatures even in August, in case you were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the verdict on that.

It’s time to get some composting going around here because about 60% of our trash is compostable materials. Throwing that into this pile is just wrong.

Photo courtesty of 123RF
On so many levels.

PS the votes have been tabulated:
stay long - 8 votes
something in between - 4 votes
buzz it - 4

And because yesterday was a stellar hair day, I think I am in agreement. We'll see what I tell the stylist to do when I get there later today.



Cheryl said...

I am interested in how the composting will work out....we have never had one....we use our garburator for foor scrap...and recycle the other stuff...I am trying...
You are my example! Keep it up!
Good luck on the hair too, I head to the salon tomorrow!

Stacie's Madness said...

My dryer went I've been hanging our clothes on the deck for over a month now...

by choice.

*looks around*

Debbie said...

I hear you. I'm always so proud of the little things I do, and then my co-worker fills me in on the straw-bale insulation or rainwater capture system that will supply everything but their drinking water for their new house. I love her to death, but pppptttt. ;)

I love hanging my clothes, but it's been raining all week. I still end up hanging about half in the basement, but they don't have that nice sunny smell.

You're doing well step at a time.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. You inspire me daily. Can't wait to see the buzz lol


Angella said...

I love your Mother Earth posts. You inspire me!

Karen MEG said...

I'm just happy that we have green-cycling here, which makes me feel like I'm actually doing something with all our compostable waste. And I'm pretty used bringing my own bags to the grocery now... I don't get when people get angry about paying 5 cents a bag, when they could just bring a bag for free. It's just a matter of habit.

You're amazing, BTW, raising awareness this way...

Elaine A. said...

I had started composting before we moved but wasn't sure if I felt comfortable doing it here (in a rental house). But I don't care, I'm going to start again because, hey! it's just going to go back into the earth, right?

Love the quote at the top. It can apply to SO much in our lives...

Kami said...

Composting. I keep thinking about it, but not doing. You are an inspiration. Maybe I'll be inspired :)

Ed said...

I am ashamed to admit, but my recycling efforts have gone by the way of the trash heap. You continue to inspire though and I'll get going again soon. I promise.