Monday, January 04, 2010

Kamden's Wish

Kamden made a wish on a falling star (insert Jack vehemently clarifying that there are no such things as falling stars, only meteors and meteorites) awhile ago. As Christmas came closer, he commented on several occasions that his wish still hadn't come true.

We kept reminding him that sometimes wishes take time to come true and to be patient. With Christmas coming, we assumed that the wish of a five year old would involve a toy or movie.

Were we wrong or were we wrong.

The day before New Year's Eve, as we solidified our plans for the big night, I commented that it would be a late night. That's where Kamden yelled out, "That's my wish! I wished that I could stay up as late as Mommy and Daddy!"

Let's all pause to so I can drink up the pure sweetness that is my youngest son.


Okay, moving on.

And he did indeed stay up as late as us. We celebrated at 11pm because that's when the ball drops in Times Square in our time zone. And by midnight we decided it was time to go home to bed (read: Mommy was about to turn into a pumkin).

As he gave me his last hug for the night, he said, "Mommy, can I sleep in tomorrow?"


I chuckled, and looked at the innocent face of my sweet boy and said, "I certainly hope so."

(Really more for his safety than anything - Momma needs her sleep.)


Anonymous said...

your boys are just too darn cute!! this momma needs her sleep too.

Cheryl said...

love it...did he sleep in? We are old Kami, we were in bed at 12:05 for sure...and not even hung over the next sad

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

too cute! I hope he slept in the next day so everyone got some rest.

Angella said...

I was in bed at 10: 30. Hee.

You have the sweetest boys, Kami. :)

Hannah said...

So so cute!!

I'm very impressed that he managed to stay up that late, I know my 5-year-old would NEVER be able to!

So did he sleep in??

Kristin said...

Very cute! :)

So did he sleep in?

BeachMama said...

Oh that is just so sweet. Now did he sleep in?? We had sleep in's until 7am for two whole weeks from both kids. Yesterday and today have been hard on all of us, getting up at 5:30/6am has been rough.

Kami said...

Ummm, I'm with Angella...I was in bed at 10ish and was hung over alll the next day...from being motion sick watching Avatar 3D.
Sooo, so very old. So sad.
And Kamden, so, so very cute!

Natalie said...

we were in bed and asleep by 10:30! seriously sad but oh well. we celebrated with our kids with somewhere else in the world. i think it was paris around noon our time. lol. my kids thought it was cool to see the fireworks on tv and that was good enough for me. after all, i wanted to get up and to the gym by 8:30 am for the new year's day fitness kickoff!

Nenette AM said...

oh, love, love, love this! :)
beyond adorable...

my family kept me up with games on the Wii... if not, I would've been pumpkin by 10pm. :)

Happy New Year, my dear. xo

Anonymous said...
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Laski said...

Sleeping in? What? I'm unfamiliar with this concept (not by choice . . . ).

Karen MEG said...

Oh, I love those photos. He is such a cutie ... and you're a lucky mama - a boy that actually sleeps in?

(we're lucky too, our kids slept in until 10 over the holidays!)

R Royal Family said...

I LOVE this story! Great pictures yoo!