Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Age 12

I was at camp.

I was barely 12.

It was too soon. I didn’t understand. I was alone.

I went to the bathroom and there it was. I knew what it was but I didn’t understand. I was embarrassed. I asked my friend to tell the counselor. My only knowledge was from a Judy Blume book. As far as I knew there were belts involved.

The worst part was that my mom wasn’t there. I needed her, wanted her. I am positive she never though it would happen so soon and that she would be there when it did.

I survived the week. I still went swimming, I didn’t know otherwise. I hid it from my tent mates. The counselor was discreet in delivering my supplies.

It was awful.

Finally camp was over and I returned home. “How was camp?” My mother asked. I dissolved into a puddle of tears, all that I had withheld for a week spilling over the moment I saw my mom.

“I got my period,” I sobbed.

“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed. She knew that I had needed her.

And just like that it was suddenly all okay.

I may submit this story to You are a woman now. This a book that is currently being compiled of period stories. Check out the site for how to submit. The limit is 3,000 words so I am thinking this is bit short



Hannah said...

That is a great story, Kami. So honest. I think many of us learned about things from that Judy Blume book! It must have been sooo hard for you to be away at camp when it happened, poor babe! Of course you wanted your Mum.
I remember getting my period at school when I was 11, and even that was hard enough. All day I had wondered why my tummy was so sore (cramps ... which have been the bane of my life ever since).

JeniBeans said...

Ugh. I can't remember getting mine so I'm figuring it must've been horrible enough that my brain totally blocked it out, forever-more.

I remember SOMEthing about tampons and learning the hard way that the applicator wasn't supposed to stay in there.


Angella said...

That must have been AWFUL. Yikes!

Sorry I have been absent...but you know why ;)

teeni said...

Wow - that will be a great submission! If you need more meat on it, just add some of the specific activities you participated in at camp and how you were feeling. Let us know about the book. And btw, Judy Blume's books were the best when I was growing up!

Tracey said...

I'm writing a few in my head, too.

How horrible for you!!

LVGurl said...

I was 11 :(

And I was also a weirdo who couldn't wait for it to start! WEIRDO!!

KATE said...

Awww, what a sweet story! I started at Girls Camp too! Crazy stuff!
Love the story, you should submit it!! Definitely!!

mommyknows said...

The same thing happened to a friend. We were all horrified when she came home and told us. She said, the councilor had wrapped up tampons as a gift and then the whole camp celebrated her birthday that night. Turned out not so bad after all.

Elaine A. said...

I was also 12 but luckily I was at home. Of course my brother was in the living room and I was totally mortified to have to tell my mom while he was there. She gave me these enormous pads that I've only had to wear again after having babies. Thank God.

Thanks for sharing... aren't you glad I did? HA!

LaskiGal said...

You should submit it!!!!

What I learned from Judy . . .

How am I like a run on sentence? I don't have a period. (or something like that)


Anna-b-bonkers said...

Wow, totally a winner!!

What a terrible time to get it, and thank God for moms!

Karen MEG said...

Oh Kami, you poor girl ... what a brave thing you were to deal with that away from home!

I was a weirdo as well; learned from Judy Blume, could not WAIT to get it, and then was so mad when my little sister got her's BEFORE me (she was barely 11 and had no clue, poor thing). I got mine a cuple weeks later, but felt "ripped off" for the longest time LOL!

I think this would be a great submission. And pop over to my place when you 've got a something for ya ;)

Kellan said...

This is a great story and you should definitely submit it! I have a story I might consider submitting - thanks for the heads-up.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Kellan said...

This is a great story and you should definitely submit it! I have a story I might consider submitting - thanks for the heads-up.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Misty said...

3000 words? Are you kidding... think of all the room for details.... ew....

It's hard to grow up....**sigh**

mamatucci said...

I was 9 and my daughter was 10. I understand Frankie just a couple weeks ago was crying in the bathroom before my cousins wedding, she said mom "I shouldnt have to worry about this at 11." She's right poor thing. Sometimes it sucks to a girl