Sunday, August 03, 2008

Winnipeg Day 2

Day two of our vacation will be done via photo journal. The laryngitis I had while we were away has morphed into a full blown summer cold. It is awesome.

We headed downtown to check out The Forks, or the place where the Red River and Assinboine River meet. It's been a meeting place for Aboriginals for thousands of years and there is lots of history. I am guessing that's why there are cobblestone streets in the area. I loved them, so full of charm.

There is also a fabulous skate park. Old meets new if you will.

I think this mantra probably would have served our ancestors, both white and Aboriginal, well and it also works well for the youth of today who frequent the park.

Hey dudes, don't you, like, need some wheels?

Jay could not be outdone, he had to show 'em how it's done.

This was a neat structure around the plaques to commemorate the history of the area.

The top of a bridge that you could see from the bank of the river.

And our intended destination, the Manitoba Children's Museum. It was fabulous and the hit was the locomotive and rail car.

Here they are, Jack is plugging his ears at the recorded engine sounds.

After the museum, we headed the The Forks Market, which reminds me of the markets in Vancouver at Granville Island and Longsdale Quay. Very quaint and the cinnamon buns we purchased were delish.

Next up, I left the boys water sliding at the hotel and hit the mall for some girl time with Cheryl, who doesn't have her own blog, though she SHOULD! I work with Cheryl and she and I exchange emails very frequently.

We shopped hard and we talked. non. stop. The laryngitis I mentioned? The result of a seven hour gab session with a great friend (not really, it's a virus but I am certain the talking didn't help). Don't worry we didn't shop for the entire seven hours, with my track record the house would have been repossessed after a shopping spree of that duration.

Turn out we both have hang ups, me with my abdomen and her with black. I was frequently heard saying, "Cheryl, not the black one, pick some colour" and she was frequently heard saying, "you don't have rolls!" after watching me sweep my hand over my abdomen asking, "Does this shirt show my rolls?"

For the record? I do have rolls, but if camoflauged by the right shirt, no one will ever know. Oh I guess you do now, given that I just posted it on the internet. Ah well, what good are secrets anyway.

After dinner and coffee, we called it a night. The only problem, we live too far away from each other to do that often enough for my liking.

Stay tuned for Day 3, it involves an amusement park, some funky mirrors and me on a skim board. Trust me, you'll want to come back for that.



teeni said...

YAY for cobblestone streets! And that skate park looks like a lot of fun - who needs skates when you have it all to yourself to climb all over? LOL. Why weren't you up there with them?!! ;) Ahh, shopping. It may be a chore when having to do it at home, but on vacation it becomes a whole new recreational sport. :)

Tracey said...

I'm sorry you're sick!! That sucks. Get some orange juice or something...

And I wish I had a good shopping buddy again...

Hannah said...

What a cool vacation you had! And it's only day 2! Love the photos, and love the sound of all that shopping ;-) It's great to shop with a good friend who tells you that you don't have rolls. Every girl needs a friend like that ;-)

Sorry about your laryngitis/cold ... hope it goes away quick!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Children's Museums are the best! We don't use ours enough but it's funny that we always try to hit one whenever we travel--which we don't do enough either.

Looks like a great vacation.

Elaine A. said...

Those streets are too cool.

Ben would have loved the locamotive too, although I could definitely see him doing the ear plugging thing as well!

Sounds like a great time with your friend.

Hope you feel better soon girl!

Kellan said...

Great pictures! It looks like a great trip and Cheryl sounds like a lot of fun. My sister's name is Cheryl and another Cheryl I know is 'zactly like my sister - loud and funny and fun. Is your Cheryl loud and funny and fun? Funny how some people sharing the same name are a lot alike. I'm glad you had so much fun - I wish I had some girl-friend shopping time - I need to schedule that as soon as the kids go back to school!

Take care, Kami - Kellan

Natalie said...

Get Well Soon!

I just learned some things about the Red River that I didn't know. See, we drive across the Red River when we cross into Arkansas from Texas to go visit my parents. Thanks for the little history lesson.

MoziEsmé said...

Looks like a fun time! My baby would LOVE that skateboard park! Though she would definitely be on her skateboard.

And black is a GREAT color, by the way!

Misty said...

Rolls, my ASS, girl!

Stacie said...

love the first picture, very artsy of you, skim board looks great...and so do you!