Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Winnipeg Day 3

Day 3 began with a trip to the Royal Canadian Mint which, if you are not familiar with the place, is where our money is made. And apparently that of about 7 or 8 other countries. Who knew this type of thing was outsourced? And to Canada no less? Fascinating it was, fascinating.

And I don't know about you but $4.95 seems a bit steep for some chocolate mints. Now if they were made of gold....

We also got to hold a gold bar. Don't worry it was not only chained down but also had it's very own security guard. Apparently something worth $450,000 CAD is precious cargo.

Also, that will be the only time I ever touch that much real gold. Unless something unexpected happens. I'd be okay with that.

Next stop was Tinkertown to meet Cheryl and her boys. This place was amazing, if you are ever in Winnipeg with kids around 8 and under, it's your place. We spent around 3 hours there and the kids loved it.

Cole is Cheryl's little man (the one standing up and pumping his fist, he gets that from his dad), he shares her amazing blue eyes and is a miniature of her husband, Tim (the one in the shades, his future is so bright he's gotta wear shades).

I know all about that Cheryl, all I have heard for the last 7 years is how much my kids look like Jay. One time, just one time I am going to say, WHAT? Not the mailman? Gee, that's weird.

Check us out in the funny mirrors. We totally looked like little people. Don't ask about the flash. I don't really want to talk about it.

Clearly by this point, Jay had had enough. Don't worry Jay, I know how this ends and there is a Corona or two in it for you!

It was off to Cheryl and Tim's for melt in your mouth beef tenderloin, white sweet potatoes and wine. I always thought sweet potato and yams were the same but apparently the orange ones are yams and the white ones are sweet potatoes. All this and a new vegtable too, what a full day.

But there's still more. Remember how I mentioned skim boarding?

Jack thought we were nuts. He preferred to watch his mother make fool of herself. He's had a lot of practice, it's pretty much a daily occurrence.

Here's Cole showing us his spectacular form.

No fear Kamden trying it out. He fell on his butt right after I shot this.

Here's Tim showing me how it's done.

Show off!

Yes, I am jealous of his ridiculously good form, why do you ask?

My form? It's called Watermelon Hands. Give me two and I'll hold them while I board. I am THAT talented.

I need to get me one of this there skim boarding things. It's addictive let me tell you. I may or may not have body checked one or two of the kids out of the way.

And since we were smart and didn't take a photo of the two of us the day before when were all dressed up pretty for shopping, we did it today. And apparently it was quite funny.

Starting to lose it....Yup, we've lost it.

We are so funny, we can't contain ourselves...
And that's a wrap folks. Nothing to see here. Move along.



Kristin said...

Huh, Winnipeg sounds like not that bad a place, who knew...

Fun pictures, and how great that you were able to have a fun family get away! :)

Hannah said...

Stop! Too much fun!! ;-)
No seriously, reading your post and seeing your smiling/laughing face has really made my day. You have no idea. Thanks, Kami!

I am thinking of adding Winnepeg to my list of places in Canada I want to visit ... it's getting long ... and I have only ticked off Toronto & Niagara Falls so far! LOL :-)

Anna-b-bonkers said...

Aww Kami, I love you!
You always crack me up, the photos of you loosing it, ha, ha, funny girl!

What a great trip, and the gold bar, how cool is that!

Elaine A. said...

You 2 are so funny laughing - I LOVE those pics!! It's like I can hear you girls just crackin' up!

I love how everything is also in French in Canada (menthes) kinda like everything is also in Spanish down here... But see I took French in High School, so I'd probably do better up there.

Natalie said...

that looks like some really good times!!!! i had never thought of using what looks like a slip and slide for skim boarding....how clever you are! I'm afraid my form would not have been as good as yours. I would have been on my butt!

Misty said...

Look at you, passing the giggles around the world through your blog and all. Loving it. **giggle, giggle**

Don Mills Diva said...

I can't get past the fact that the Canadian mint "moonlights" by making currency for other countries - who woulda thunk it?

Alex Elliot said...

I didn't know about the outsourcing. Guess you really do learn something new every day!

teeni said...

Oh, Kami - you are too cute. I love the pictures of you two girls cracking up! Wow - you got to hold gold? I've never seen a real gold bar before. Very cool. And yeah, they wanted a mint for those mints, sheesh! The skim boarding looks awesome! I'd never seen that before. I'd love to try that. I should probably get a helmet first because I'm that kind of graceful. ;)

Thomas of Brenda's Friends said...

Looks like your having alot of fun. Keep up with great smile.