Monday, August 18, 2008

Our room

Teeni tagged me ages and ages ago to do a meme about my 5 favourite things in my bedroom. I have held off doing it only because we were working on redecorating it. It's finally done and in no particular order here are some of my favourite things about it...

When we lay in bed this is what we see. It's just about my favourite way to wake up, my favourite is with the real thing cuddling beside me! My boys are my alarm clock, every morning at 8am Jack goes and gets Kamden and they crawl in on either side of me, weekdays anyway. Weekends Jay gets in on the cuddle time too.

The walls are a blue, much like the blue you see around you on my template. The room is decorated in the exact same colours as they are my favourite colour combination right now.

On either side of the bed, above the nightstands are these arrangments of mirrors. I found them at Wal-Mart for $1.37 each. To hang them took much measuring and masking taping to square them up. But to hang them I used 3M picture hanging strips, I can't find a good link to them right now but they are awesome. The best I can describe them is like plastic velcro, one sticks to the picture and one to the wall. They remove like nothing with no marks to the wall. You velcro them together then stick one side to the picture. Next line up the picture and stick to the wall. You can easily remove the picture from the wall without removing the strip stuck to the wall for easy adjustment and alignment. Plus no figuring out where the hook is supposed to go so that the picture hangs were you want it! If that makes any sense at all... anyway that's how I got the mirrors in this arrangement and how I got the pictures above in a square... masking tape around the edge, lined up the pictures and peeled off the tape.

Blah, blah, blah.. long winded, if you are still with me, back to the pictures because the best is yet to come.

These were custom ordered from my friend, Anna. Some of you know Anna, others may not. We met on the internet, through blogging, and she has become a great friend. She is amazingly talented and when we started redecorating I asked her to paint some pictures for our room. I showed her pictures of the room and the mirror/picture arrangements and these are what she came up with.

I LOVE THEM to bits! The finish off the room fabulously and warm my heart whenever I see them. Anna, thank you from the bottom of my heart, they are exactly what I wanted!

I was having a day with the camera... manual settings had not enough light and the flash, well, it's industrial stregth so it reflectd nicely off the gloss in the paint. Just take my word for it, our room has never looked this good. EVER.

So that is three things that I love about our room and the other two are easy. The bed and my pillow. I adore my pillow so much that I often hug it when I've been away from home. There simply is no where like my own bed. No where. I might even shed a tear or two over leaving it when we go away. If I could load it up and take it with me, I seriously would.

Next up, the closet. We did a massive re-org there too and found we had lost a child in there.
You can imagine our surprise.... stay tuned!



Hannah said...

Your room is so lovely! I really like the colour scheme. And those paintings Anna did - just gorgeous!!!
BTW, you are super clever with the measuring and lining up stuff ;-)

P.S. Your boys sleep until EIGHT?? You lucky thing!!

Kristin said...

The paintings are perfect!
Your room look fabulous!

mamatucci said...

I love love your room! And dont for a minute think I am copying you when my house is done,I was thinking about a color scheme along those lines. Maybe a little more tealish......

teeni said...

Wow - Anna did a great job on the paintings - they look fantastic in your room and your ROOM IS AWESOME! I love the mirrors, the bedding, the wall color, everything. It's funny because my favorite color combination has brown in it too but it also has hot pink and orange. Kind of like the Dunkin Donuts logo, LOL and that is what I want on my blog someday. Anyway, that must feel great to go to bed in at night and to wake up in at morning! Nice job, Kami - I can't wait to see the closet and I hope you have let the lost child out. ;)

Angella said...

I love it! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!

Natalie said...

okay, do you get your kids to sleep that late???

next, those fabulous paintings by Anna would match my room too! I love them. She did an amazing job.

I am also very impressed with your mirror hanging job and I know what you are saying about those 3M things...they help to work miracles!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

That room looks amazingly comfortable. Love the artwork.

Elaine A. said...

Wow Kami, I am so impressed!! I love the wall color and those paintings by Anna, well they are just perfect!!

And the little mirrors are very cool!

Can't wait to see the closet too!

KATE said...

Oh my your room is gorgeous! I love it!
My room is like the hub for the whole house, so it looks more like a pile of crap exploded in it!

Anna-b-bonkers said...

Awww, thank you Kami, you are too sweet!
And I agree your room looks amazing, I love it!

Stacie said...

it DOES look great and I love Anna's paintings too!

Ashley said...

Beautiful room! Um, so we're moving, wanna come decorate for me?

Ashley said...

I came across your blog and just wanted to say hello!

Hope you don't mind me reading! :D

You're room looks great! I love those colors together.

Take Care,

P.s.-My blog is private so if you are interested in being a reader, send me your email and I will add you :)

Misty said...


Love your bedroom.

And now I'm jealous.


(And I say that last word with so much love).


Alex Elliot said...

Beautiful room! I impressed with how nicely your walls are decorated. Ours are blue with two pictures.

Karen MEG said...

Okay, I get the colours on your blog now ;).

Your room is just beautiful! You have a real talent for decor, those panels by Anna are just perfect!